Sunday, August 16, 2009

Surprised, NOT!

Well, after awhile, im back. Phew, i missed this blog so much. Even though provided with this Celcom Broadband; Vodafone 90+- a month, which after all the blood and tears to get it frm parents who never understand their child necessity. :p

Now, i already settled down at KMS. It is quite a good place, where good friends varies from different places and different dialects meet, but with one mindset, to study. They all are sweet and steady. For now, they are no backstabbers identified. But, i still believe one day i might see one and perhaps he/she will be from my close friends.

My roommates; Tony Eusoff MD51

and addhaMD53(pic not avail) do not worry because he is handsome too. Qlate hensem sokmo! LOL!

Both of them were from MRSM. Until now, i always thought that MRSM ppl( no offense), they are nerds with low EQ. For those whom does not know about EQ click here. So, i already prepared before coming here with all the talisman and the that will keep me away from them. But the hocus pocus stuffs did not work. Shits!

The first 12 hours in the room were full of prententious acts. Haha :p. After a few incidents of akward moments, were get along just fine. But, yet i will still not change my perception towards MRSM ppl. They will always be Nerds with low EQ except Tony because he likes to sleep all the time and drinks nescafe after 1 a.m.

I learned alots especially utara dialects, and qlate.

Smart nate nih, sipe, awat, hang, demo, ghoyak, kecek, kochak! LOL, etc.

What i noticed here is that, between ppl who taking IB and A lvl, the cooler guys majors at a lvl. IDK why. Haish.

All in all, living here is fun, plus EPL already started. Kudos to man city and arsenal after the win. Tonight match is quite importante to me as a die hard spurs fan. Gdluck spurs!. hope we'll beat liver and take out their lungs out!.

My highest grats; tony, ayub, naj, MD 54 faeez, hijazie, adib, roy, zohan, entrepornos!, subangs guys, and whoever knows me here. thx guys.

xoxo gossip guy ciaos fer. adios mi amors.