Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Im here to dedicate this post to my beloved dude.


There you have it.

Dont go commit suicide man.

You see.

If no woman likes you then we can be gay together man.

SHANKY, you stupid big ass nigga, whats about our rnb man

ya know rough and black aite

susah betul la pujuk mamat


Monday, March 9, 2009


Hello dudes.....

Today I suddenly remembered that this month is March. Yeah. I thought im still in February. Haish. So, well. Many memories that i remembered during March. Ouh Yeah. The Painful ones. I dont like it thou but when i recall it back, I just smile. It sweet dude.

Let me show you one.

Haha. Yeah the F1 in schools World Championship.
I like this picture so much because I stand behind this one hot chic from Wales I think.

You want to know about the F1 in school?

Later ill share with you.

Until then, toodles. xoxo gossipguy. muah3

Friday, March 6, 2009

I suddenly got big brother.

Hello, yeah hellomotto.

Today, i got shitted by Nadzrin brother, Lutfi. Plus, i got played by Polis Bantuan near the lift. Not to forget, the whole Petrosains laughed at me and call me that stupid name. WTF. The name.


Fuck, it sounded like a very pornish name. TAIB. TAIB. TAIB.
ya know, lorong haji taib kan.
I still remember what Lutfi said to me at the end rockoll.

"Weh, ko sayang abang ko x?".
Bodo la kau, aku mana ada abang.
Taib tu bukan abang ko.
Abis ko sayang x adik ko Nadzrin.
Sayang lah.Tapi x tau die nak ngaku ke x.
Aku camtu ah x sayang gak sbb die bukan abang aku.
Alah ko x ngaku pulak.
Ye ah. Die asal Serawak kot, aku semenanjung.
EH. die ade gak singapore skali cam ko.
Bile lak singapore ni, fak kau ah kencing.
Aku tau ko ade darah from singapore.
Mana ko tau.
Taib ade cakap aku die orang singapore gak.
Sengal la ko.
Ye ah die Sarawak SIngapore.
Aku x penah jumpe orang Sarawak SIngapore, mane match bhai.
Ye, abang ko ah tu.
Bukan abang aku le.
Ko x ngaku adik lak.
Bodo Sial.
OK3x x caye ko tggu jap.

Abang Yuri, tgk muke bdak ni.
Eh, ko adik Taib eh.

Ya knw, thts the story. Every single staffs at pertosains think im Taibs little brother but a lot more whiter. The problem is they did not even need to be reminded of Taib.


1. Lutfi : ABang yuri, tgk muke budak ni. ADA MUKA CAM SIAPA X?<---This sentence shows dat muka cam siapa tu people will try to imagine person whom looks identical to my face.

What happened was.

Like the previous one .

So, afterwards, i will be the laughing stock till they get bored. And i will keep my head calm. I know, these people dont have any things to do.

So, thats all folks. Later. xoxo gossipguy ere muah3x

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello, hi, hola

Yeah, rite now i am typing again to waste my stupid time here like other bloggers. Yeah lame bloggers whom write their feelings, opinions, ideas and etc. My job here is not the same like others. I am writing here to make you laugh. Ouh Yeah, make you my brothers and sisters, laughing your ass off. Pardon me if what i type here did not make you all laugh. Maybe you have a dry sense of humor. Yeah, probably.

I'm here to share with you my experience of fishing. Yeah, for your information, fishing is a sport. Again, i rephrase, its a sport. Please believe me, it is a motherfathing sport. LMAO. I dont know who the jerk that put fishing into this category. Maybe that jerk has a 9.7/10 stupidity and he even beats lotfi's record of 9.58 for hitting other car side mirror by his CLK(cute little kancil) and darwin 9.569 for creating the evolution theory. Mine is i dont know. You tell me later. So, okay fishing is a sport, same goes with golf. Ouh yeah golf. LMAO. Again man, who the dude that categorized this thingy. WTF

Last week, i think so, i went fishing. Me, my little brother and my greatsupercool-daddy with his buddy. His name was Ujang. I think hes a JAWA. I suddenly recall what Lotfi had told me earlier this evening about Jawa people. They were actually not Mat Indon or what we called PATI(pendatangasingtanpaizin). These people had lived in Malaysia for a long time and the causation why they still have the slang, It is because they lived in one clic. Which usually, the areas that you are very familliar like Batu Pahat, Muar, Klang, and etc. LOL, I just went to petpets house at Klang. I can see alotsa dragonfruit farm there. Then i went weird lah. The second foolest dude on earth just told me that mat jawa really fond to dragonfruit and i believe in him and you dont ask me why.LOL.

Okay, i am way too crappy. So yeah, i went fishing. It was really fun. You know. Okay2, let me share with you something. It is not easy to catch a fish. You need to prepare a good bait, a nice hooks, and a fengshui rods. Oyeah, for your information, fishes got their own taste too. Eg; patin likes gardenia bread, ikan keli likes cengkerik, haruan likes katak puru. I just list some examples there. So, if any dudes out there want to try fishing. Go to hell. You don't even want to. It is so damn difficult. Theres a chinese saying goes, To win a war, u must know your enemy fers.(This one is the fake ones. Try find out yourself, i forgot la the actual words and phrase.) LOL.

While my father and his dude Ujang were discussing about the baits, I am in a state of mundane mood. Doing nothing. So i set my own rods lah. I went fishing first using my own rods. While my brother, i dunno where he went.
This picture is sofucking cute. lol.

So, generally fishing is tiring and wasting time. Why im telling you this, it is because im sitting there for 4 hours and did not get a single fish. What i got was a pain in the neck, backache, and hungriness. For your information, you actually did not notice that it was 4 hours passed you. It is like the same feeling waiting for KTM. LOL.


My brother : One Tilapia

My bro catch.
Pity small tilapia.




They were fighting getting the most fishes. I forgot the total. It is just uncountable.LOL. For them was a fishing fiesta.

See, they even got their fishes lined up. And u can see there the biggest ikan keli there is bigger than the 100 plus 1500 ml bottle. Huge doods.


So later doods. Toodles. xoxo gossipguy muah3.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hello there.

Yeah, recently things not going so well for me. Many things. Big things. Small things. Medium-size thing. ooouuhhh. WTF. Im really so ****ed up. Like the song from Kevin Rudolph "he show his middle finger to the world" defintely want to do that. TO THE WORLD MAN. Its like usually the middle finger is pointed to someone or somebody or you perhaps. We talking abt world man. Can you imagine how a MOTHERfather can this dude be.

So yeah, first and foremost, i just apparently celebrated my 18th birthday 3 days ago. It is so ....urms.....not bad la.....So, i would like to deliver my greatest gratitude to all dudes and dudettes that wish me and would like to throw me a party. But then, as usual, family plans get in my way.
Ouh Yeah.

So, my birthday was celbrated at my kampung. Hurmss. What really happen was i did not really celebrated there. My super-dad asked me to follow him to get some kelapas at kampung. There you have it. My birth-day, going back to kampung,take some kelapas. Best day of my life. Memorable and Unforgettable. OOhhssss.Shite.

Arrived Kg. Noon. Kelapa tersusun nicely under the shelf. Mak busu shouting. Get the pengopek kulit behind the house. Starts working my ass off. One kelapa at one time.

1st kelapa : ini nampak muda but then buat inti

i said wht is inti. then busu said inti la. ouh inti kueh. aah. kueh ape. kueh koci la. perh. melakat. dulu busu ada igt ade uncle ni jual kueh. pak man londan. hahaa bunyi cam pondan je. asal londan. entah. ko nih dah arwah tu.oh okay. tapi kueh die sdap. perghh. dulu die bawak basikal je. kueh kegemaran bapak kau. 2 sen je satu. die kayuh punya kayuh dari serkam pantai, dengan loceng die lagi budak2 sume kejar die. sume berebut la. pa man paman, kueh koci 10, talam boku 10. ape bende talam boku tu. kueh le, ko x pena rase. tak tau. ade kueh lapis2 rase durian. perghh...meleleh. nenek kau selalu buat. ouh yeke. maen telan je bukan tau name. lpastu bawak le balik, busu ngan bapak ko. balik2 kene mara dengan nenek. apsal ko beli ngan pak man londan. ko tau x die pengotor. kencing tepi jalan berdiri lepastu pegang2 kueh. busu rilek je makan. tapi sebab die x basuh tgn kot rase sedap gile. kalah kfc. pergh...rileks je. ko tau anak busu tu, yg anak dare tu masak sume terlebih. bukan maen masin. die asyik2 kate ok je. kite nak bagi sedap hati die ckp je la sedap.hahaha. busu terbaek. bole jadi bapa mithali. ha;ah.habis air kelapa ni bole minum x. bole le. tapi x sedap mane. cube ko tgk pokok ustat sblah sane. ustat tu sdare ke. haáh ko tatau ke. oooo yeke....sape lagi sdare kite. satu kawasan ni sdare. bnyak la pupu die tu. lagi dekat lagi rapat la.yg kire area laen2 tu dah bau bau bacang le. ouh. apsal x kenal eh. ko le. balik sini je tido. memang le x kenal. ok2 . apsal ngan kelapa ustat tu. ko tgk pokok die tinggi kan. aah. apsal. itu air die memang le kaw. kaw cemane. ha ko rase air ni. gulp3x. ok je. pahit skit la. haaaaaa.kat atas tu ko tgk rase die bergas. 5 bintang busu ckp. air kelapa ni kalau dpt rasa gas die. pergh kalah coke. fuyoooo(baru ku tau uncle ku ini seorg yg lebat berkata2).

Yeah, wht u can read here is a conversation between me and my busu. baru 1 kelapa. u see every kelapa have it own story. so i tear a lotsa kelapas. kelapa tua. kelapa muda isi lembut. kelapa muda isi inti.there u have it. 3 types of kelapa.

So, i filled around 3 gunis of ccnt bymyself. while my brader went to pekan buy ape tah. When he got back he gave me one belalang kunyit. he said bela lah. apsal. xde kerja. taktau sukahati. jumpa mane. kat tepi kelapa tadi. besa gile. belalang ape ni. abah cakap belalang kunyit. ouh. mane nak simpan. kat umah ade kotak ikan laga lagi kan.haáh. letak la situ.abis ni nak letak mane skarang. carik botol. the one who suddenly hv to find bro.

okay thts it. im lazy to tell abt wht hppn at kg. so then i went back home.

My own belalang kunyit. Dah ade nama. Pak belalang. Pak lalang. But then if cl its name bukan pandang pon. lol. wtf.

Ill tell my second story later. abt fishing. later doods. xoxo gossipguy.