Thursday, May 29, 2008

browsin' cool

Its just another day. I woke up today, and I found myself to be in a much calmer state of mind.
It is by nature that people think differently. In life, the truth has always been kept secret. I seldom say this, but perhaps it is for the best. There are just way too many things in stored for us in our journey throughout life lane. We see a lot of things happening, but only a little of us do learn from them, not to be forgetting myself. People always seem to forget that, there’s always a better option in life.
Now bear in mind that I’m not just making a general statement here. But it is by reality that everyday people do overlook at things. We only believe in what we are able to see before our eyes. In other words, they don’t believe in what they can’t see. Frankly, such a situation should only be blamed upon the scientific brains of the modern world, since they are the ones who promoted logical thinking theory. They claim that everything in life has an explanation of its own. Unfortunately, they were wrong. Their belief is true, but then it is not entirely. They neglected the fact of the existence of things which are beyond our limits. Beings which are incapable of being seen or understood by humanity. For example, aliens.
Now, all I wanna say here is for all of us to bear in mind that life is packed full of surprises. None of us can ever predict what is going to happen tomorrow nor even in the next hour. Just be prepared both at heart and in fist. Be strong. And together we shall face it off………

> Fahim Adwa <

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When you play with fire......

It was 20 April 2008. The environment was calm and peaceful for me, nevertheless what can you expect a total mayhem could happen.

So it was after isya' prayer at Surau that the form Fiver were tell to gather for this EKLGM (Extraordinary Kind Like General Meeting) at normal place.

So, it started wih KN normal intro speech, full of hambarness and etc, starts to api2 all the listeners, but im not affected because im api too; with some other guys better not to mention these names, the topics is "Are form five already loses their Veto power; power or rightfulness to control the school / form two and etc. . So, a good guy like me(aishh) was wondering, with face of thousand expressions, wondering, full of thoughts........

So, being honest, that was a fake expression only, i actually dont know what happen, so i asked Fahmi (vice-pres of badan ugama) that sitting beside me


Then Fahmi said, "Bwahsnashprefrukson kreefghsdarutokhanpsfel poiuewertukonaisbatukacang!!!" with saliva spitting everywhere...

So, i opened lot's PDA to find the weird language of Fahmi's...

we are out of the topic rite now, its just a SELINGAN...........

So, then KN speech is continued by this de jure leader Wafiy and he said about conspiracy that form 4 about to take down form V by expelled the last CASE man.... Here are others content about the conspiracy;

Form 4 Objectives

  1. To take down form V power as senior at the highest position of "Sistem 4 Lipatan"
  2. To take control of form two
  3. Take care of form two's welfare issues, taxes, insurance cover, protection
  4. Take over the school
  5. To do things based on their heart desire
  6. To brainwash form 2
    1. tell form 2 that next year if they want to get their LICENSE early, they must sit under form 4 armpits (trust me this is just reasons from a kencingers to siape2 yg terkene ^_^)
    2. said that form V are weak, if there is a battle royale between form 4 and form V they can win easily by calculate the amount of theirs and form V
    3. and also said that form no longer have the HARDCORES which are the 8 person that already been expelled last year.
    4. form V are bapok
*actually there are many things to write but now i forgot la just skip this

So, this is what the reaction of people in the surau

Wafiy and KN Action&Drama

So, all people were already influenced by their propaganda and stuffs. Here I want to tell about human weaknesses, when they got angry and pissed, they will never think about consequences and others. So, they united in one voice planned to rumble form 2 at Dewan Putra Perdana, the first time i see this batch united since a long time, years actually, but I am still blank and blur of what had happened...until they finished the meeting.

So, it was around 10, i was at 1 B, doing homeworks. Then, seeing Form V rushing along the corridor, heading to dewan. So, I asked what happened, to sape tah. This guy told me they already started the massive, vicious, terror, atrocious, ferocious, terrorism ; gatherings between Form V and Form II, to settle the UNfinished business. I can see the headlines inside my head, Prey meets its Predator, Eyes meet with eyes, blablabla........

i go at the scene and saw the innocent form twos being hit, throw with any kind of selipars, you named it; asadi, disada, osaki, bowling(this brand quite famous), aties, jepun mali, sempadan thai mali, being slapped, jackstand/jacksteng/jetstern wutever la and flying kicks were actually flying ^_^. These came from ferociously hatred and full of anger form V. Anxiously wanted 2 kno who?

Here I listed some :
  1. NOrmal kepala2 every house
  2. Siape2 yang x kapla pon tapi bajet2 pon bley
  3. yang ade pngalaman fly, rokok, and stuffs
  4. otaiers
  5. 1st batch(i mean bdk dpt 1st batch dlm exam)a.an_+_+_
  6. the nerdy's
haha.....expect the unexpected dude!!

here some panorama took while the incident still going...

the place the incident happen . taking a tyme out 4 guys . watching THEM with a smiley

here, i also interviewed the taiko of taiko bro ashree

This is what he said,

"Bdak² ni memang dah mlampau, ni ha aku tikau hp diorang,baru fontu(form 2) dah bwk hp mhl2. Dah ah kedit sekor2 kering. cam **ma* jer. aku kengkadang panass gak ah diorang ni.....kecik2 x nak mampo*, dah besa susahkan org je!, hahahah.Bwk hp ade blu, mne pegi agame, kat kple lutut diorg agaknye."

That is only a part of bro ashree ceramah's. Pity, pity, pity.

Next thing i know is that, they are calling form 4 to settle this once and for all, after the form 2 had been tortured 4 2 hours, come the next prey, iqy haziq and gang, three of them, came with hati kering faces. A step on the hall was lyk a hell for them, the form V are kerumun ning diorang and pukul curi ke sana kemari.

Then, there was a war. . .

form V and dorm IV

and its ended by The Wardens

at this point, i could see who are the real bacul, bapok, kecut peoples. It was all form IV. If you were there, you could see how hassan al-hafiz(form IV) was pushed by big tummy of Azam Hensem(form V), then the incident of ketuk kpale sape tah, the chasing of Bapaque(form IV) by the form V and a little close to be hit by Ustzh Rusuw car(gosh), the escape of Tayar(form IV) with a wavy of lemak² of his.

Then, all the form V were going back to dormitories celebrating and rejoice.

Arriving at dorms, changing my bju mly. Try 2 sleep but cannot. Then heard the announcement all the HICOMS are needed at bilik Warden. They we keco2 becoz the police arrived with 2 kereta peronda. The history Alam Shah once again broken with this 2 kereta peronda and around 6 officers.

Skip....(nw was 2.45 in mrng; sleepy)

We all gather at Hisyamuddin A4 and was praising with ourselves. And what happens next i can story thru these pictures......Hope u take all lessons in this story. And the next day, was a very BIG day for us.

^ ^