Saturday, April 19, 2008


There maybe not a nicer words to match these 2 words.

For me, to see a guy with a blue shirt with a tidy looks is an irritating to the eyes. Even to see them in one blink i cant bear to live with it. The words prefect are a very pure and also a big responsible job for a person. It needs integrity, bravery, courage, trust, versatility, leadership, good perspective that can stand them above from the rest. Those words maybe not enough to determine their characteristics but this is from my understanding that those words are ideal for a someone to become a faithful friends and loyal helpers to the teachers.

BUT, the FACT is that did you noticed this at your so called leaders. I am very mournful to see the reality isn't what we imagined or came across with. As what I observe is that these people got their praises and faith among the teachers mostly because of their BAD PRACTICES. It is not my intentions to tell people behind their backs but to tell the truth of what the reality is.

There is existence of a group of people who claims themselves as Majority side and people who doesn't announce themselves are belong to The Minority. As they arise by knowing they are born to lead and not to read(SIMPSONS haha), they have been appointed by de jure segregation, as law enforcement of school.
The reason why I am telling these is not totally because of jealousy. It is just on the existence of the word TRUTH.

My friends out there......we should stand together, side by side, to retain our justice. Not let these peoples, destroy our future. Let us UNITED!!


It is a slow day on Tuesday morning.
I know one thing 4 sure,
It gonna be something unnaturally.

The fourth period of Tuesday morning, surely its BIO....hearing sweet voice from Teacher Marwani will make you fall asleep, ohhh that innocent voice.

Then, my head fall onto the soft wood, plane, comfy lab table.

Like always shukdong and aiman tengkuk will always disturb my nap, but something happen.

I woke up then take a walk to the back of the lab and said heyy dude!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Settle Bacck weekend

WoWoWeeWa, What a week this is ;

I'm in ambiance of happiness. This week is not like others. It is so cool and relaxing. For the first time having a total comfy time after the school administration agreed to abolish the evening classes. Its like having a paradise in dreams. For me and comrades, its also an independence that we suppose to appreciate. This what "claus"ter is supposedly meant.

For Monday there is nothing to talk about because class still stops at evening. DAMN account class. Tueday ; 2.30 p.m, rushing to dormitories A12, objective=bed,(MUAHAHA), after having tough subject in morning, time to pay back. Its a V for Vendetta. Approaching door of A12, me layout me shirt, unbuttoned it, loosened my trousers, and make a long jump recording around 6 meters away. Smashing the bed so hardly until cannot wake up. I'm in state of unconsciousness. This is what they said coma. I lose to owns will. Wakes up on 6.30 p.m with a sense of regret. There you go!

It's the same occasion happen for every evening. ^_^ WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!!!