Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Telah ana hadapi satu mimpi yang kurang enak. Sebentar tadi. Mungkin balasan ana kerana tidur hingga lewat petang. Tapi apa yang pasti, ia sungguh menakutkan diri ana.

Keletihan adalah perkara biasa dan ana mengambil keputusan untuk tidur pada petang tadi. Ana tinggalkan rakan-rakan MD54 ana, maaf kepada mereka. Tapi ana bangga dengan keputusan mereka di gelanggang badminton. Formula biasa bagi mereka yang sama seperti ana, tidur selepas solat asar dan berharap untuk bangun sebelum azan magrib berkumandang.

Mungkin enta tertanya-tanya apakah cerita disebalik mimpi ana?

Apsal ni, i cant feel them already.
Dont worry dear, it is going to be fine.
( a small voice in my head)
I cant see anybody nearby
Ana, berasa ana sedang berada di atas katil dan ditolak ke dalam sebuah bilik.
Adik, adik nak tidur habis ke, adik nak relaks2 je.
Ugh, apa ni? And, there are 3 ppl, and they are wearing masks.
Mereka pon berbisik, and i am very confused at that moment.
Ana berpaling ke arah dimana ada satu tingkap besar yang boleh ana boleh lihat menembusi bilik sebelah.

Ada 2 orang manusia ana kenali sangat. Dan ana memang rapat. Mereka senyum kepada ana. Ana pun hairan. Tetapi, ana membalas senyuman mereka. Dengan serta-merta, muka mereka dissolve menjadi satu makhluk yang amat menakutkan dan mereka menjilat-jilat di permukaan tingkap tersebut.

Ana menjerit kepada 3 orang di dalam bilik yang sama dengan ana.
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, tolong, tolong.

Dan mereka seperti tidak mengendah kan ana.
Ana terdengar mereka menyebut perkataan

Badan ana kaku dan tidak boleh bergerak. Macam diberi dadah. Ana pelik salah seorang dari orang tersebut membawa keluar satu jarum yang sangat besar. Ana terperanjat dan cuba melepaskan diri. Tetapi satu beban yang sangat berat menghalang ana untuk bergerak. Dan satu jarum panjang dicucuk kebelakang diri anda dan terasa tulang belakang ana.

Ana, cuba untuk menjerit tetapi tiada suara yang keluar dan mata ana tertumpu kepada raksaksa yang sedang tersengih-sengih di tingkap itu.

Mata ana mengeluarkan air mata kesiksaan. Dan ana terdengar suara gerudi dan terus mencucuk ke dalam lutut ana.


Ana tersedar dan bangun dari tidur. Astaghfirullahalazim.

Ana lantas bergerak mengambil wuduk dan solat maghrib.


Ana membuka email box dan mendapat satu emel dari ibunda.

Mungkinkah mimpi ana ini membawa satu petunjuk......

So, thats all, adios mi amor, :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boys boys be my boy !

Usual Tuesday assembly. My urge to skip assembly is always there. Not to say that I am a rebellious guy or what. It's just the laziness that i cant resist. ITS NOT MY MIDDLE NAME BUT ITS MY LAST NAME! bAAHAAHAHA.

Do not be skeptical. I was not skipping the assembly, but i was one of the earliest to arrive. Hehe.

As usual, the assembly was boring to me because it is dull and deadening. The ho-hum struck so hard that i was cursing to myself. OMFG! How can i even curse to myself. YES! you can actually. It was on this one scene on the legendary movie called THE EXORCIST, where this little girl after she had been possessed by the demon she said
**** me, **** me! Your mother **** **** in hell.

Do not misinterpret this, i was not saying that to myself. It would be very wrong to have orgasm during the assembly. Haish :|

So i was trying to pay full attention whatever they were informing what so ever.

Surprisingly,what i found was that these people in the hall also not paying their full attention. So what is the purpose of the assembly? if you just want to show up, doing nothing and prevent yourself from punishment of being a latecomer. Those who were giving talks about motivation were keep blabbering to themselves.

Let me give you a piece of advice...

This isn’t even about motivation anymore. This is about showing everyone that you care about your college, and that you are responsible. Skipping assembly and did not paying attention are selfish motives, but doing so actually does nothing good for you. Selfishly, you actually want to come to assembly early on Tuesdays just to give everyone the impression that you are a very discipline person even if you aren’t!

Phew enough of ceramah already.


Jest 2

Other people humiliation 1

This morning, i was late for morning class because everyone do not even bother to care about their retard-limping classmate that will has his knee operation in the near future. Sheep! They did not call or even mcg me where the class should be. How frustrating it was to know that you have these kind of friends.

Yet, this morning also when i was not in the mood, one of these bastards threw his pencil box at me during the role-play session. Yet, he was making this innocent face and not even apologize. Luckily, my knee still hurts otherwise i will be kicking his as**** so damn hard.

After the recess these bastards were talking about puberty and when they had it. Bodoo. The funny side was that one of the guys was even proud of himself for not having any relationship with girls. ITU NAMA DIA KAU LOOOOOOOOOOOOSERRRRRRR! and they were relating hitting on girls and puberty. ERKS!



I found out that the song BOYS by SMILE is so gay. I would love to see a bapok singing it instead of bogam. :) I still freshly remembereBoldd that he was singing If i were a boy by Beyonce. HAHAHAHA.

And all the boys
If you want feel the heat
Just come along and play with me

I'm just a girl who's looking for some fun
It's time to get things started
So come on everybody

Sorry about this very emo post. It is just for self-entertainment.

Adios mi amor :) laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

p/s; i have an ambition to produce a book about prophecies and predictions like what NOSTRADAMUS had. If you are interested to be my partner, just let me know. hehe.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Jest 1

Self Humiliation part 1.....

During biology period, i was humiliating myself in front of my classmates. The exact term would be 'memangkah diri sendiri'. I am embarrassed to tell this but it happens every time and anywhere.

The incident, while studying about environmental policy

Cikgu Bio; So, the people usually involved in the resort are



and then there was this little voice came out of nowhere

W W E!!!!

le fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. BAAAAHAAAAAAA

Darn, I supposed to say WWF, and i forgot about it.
Would JOHN CENA or RIC FLAIR even care about some policies and eagle sanctuary.

Luckily, it did not turn to be the main subject of the day. Phew. Otherwise, i will the laughing stock the rest of the day. HEHE.

So, later. adios mi amor :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My newest addiction :)

Just now, i finished playing computer game that i used to play during my high school years.


DDR(click on this) stands for DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! It brings all the memories back when i was in form 4. tsk tsk.

Yeah, it was exciting. I still remembered the MLC. The Mat Low Yat crew. Lotfi aka red eye, kamy aka macha, aqwa aka pekpek, anas aka toyol.We were playing like hell. It is addictive and exciting. When you hit the arrows until you get hundreds of combos and your body is grooving to and fro, left to right. We were challenging each other who get the highest marks and combos.

Just now, the songs i chose were Saturn 5, jerk it out, butterfly, kungfu fighting and my fire. I am not as sharp as i were back on those days. The reason probably, this keyboard is too small, pffft.

Ahh, i miss those days :(

So, adios mi amor, see ya :)

p/s: in case anyone is interested just give tell me anytime. I need a new stepmania partner.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Ini perkataan, paklan yang punya. Bila orang cakap benda yang begitu wonderful, dia akan cakap wonderfool.

Suma orang gelak. Lepas tu dia akan tanya apsal gelak.


Harini, ana punya hari tak macam enta. Ana punya hari wonderfool. Mengapa? Usah bimbang, usah resah, usah ragu. Ana story-telling detail punya.

Macam biasa ana bangun sharp 6.30 a.m. Haha, tapi sangat malas ana untuk bangkit. Melihat air muka natenih(bukan nama sebenar) masih mengalirkan air liur basi disisiku 0.0 dan tony(nama manja) masih berkubang di atas lantai, aku punyai motivasi untuk tidur lagi. Oh, tidak lupa iringan lagu tidur lagi Dr Andi Berlian Tanwil, sungguh mengasyikkan.

Ana, mcg bogam, " weh, enta punya talk pukul berapa?"
ana mengerti yang bogam kalau reply kepada budak laki maksimum hanya 3 letters sahaja. Yah, tak, haa, tkd, jom, lek, oke, cou(chow) dll. ana tengok cerita band of brothers pon dia cakap 0900. 4 kali tekan keypad. takpelah siapalah diri ana disisi bogam."E.M.O"tsk tsk.

Ceramah ilmiah, di dewan RAZAQ amat menarik. Mana tidaknya, consultant berbangsa Irish bercakap mengenai personalities mengundang minat ana untuk mendengarnya. Seperti ana juga yang berbangsa melayu dan acapkali dipanggil 't.y.p.i.c.a.l m.a.l.a.y' di dalam languasi melayu membuat muka tidak bersalah kerana lambat menghadirinya.

Penceramah pun ada menyelitkan unsur sindiran kepada mereka yang lambat. katanya

Time to malaysian ppl is like fluid....
ana suka yang itu, apabila melihat rakan-rakan ana membuat muka innocent seperti muka sahabat2 ana yang meminjam lab reports ana untuk dijadikan bahan rujukan katanya. Sperti hendak dijentik sahaja gigi-gigi mereka.

Jadi, kandungan ceramah ilmiah itu amat berkesan, membuat ana bermuhasabah tentang personaliti diri ana ini. Di mana kelemahan ana, kekuatan ana. Ana juga amat terkejut sekali apabila mengetahui f.a.c.t dimana kaum hawa boleh menjawab telefon dan menonton t.v sambil membaca buku.

Mesti rakan-rakan ana kecewa jika mengetahui perkara ini, kalau gewe2 mereka melakukan perkara sedemikian kepada sahabat2 ana. Mana tidaknya, balkoni tingkat 1 di belah dragonfruit farm farabi menyaksikan beberapa ekor ungka yang bergayut pada waktu malam hingga ke lewat pagi. Melahirkan emosi-reaksi-fantasi dan.... untuk diluahkan kepada yang tercinta dengan hanya mengharapkan tumpuan dan perhatian seikhlas hati dari mereka. Lantas, kesan tersebut menyebabkan 1 tali penyidai yang hanya boleh memikul 1 ungka pada 1 masa terputus 3. Tinggal lah 2 dahan sahaja untuk dapat ana menyidai pakaian ana di balkoni.

Ana punya personaliti majoritinya biru dan merah. Jadi ms, erks lupa nama, ms mat solih la mengatakan ana seorang schizophrenia(boleh diklik) kerana sering memikirkan tentang biru dan merah. Utamakan yang biru pesan missus solih kerana yang merah itu saga.

Apakah biru? dengan bahasa mudahnya ialah seorang nerd. Ya, ana suka yang itu diiring lagu white and nerdy by weird alyankovic. Munkin boleh jadi lagu didalam playlist ana dalam minggu ini.

Apakah merah? dengan kata lain seorang yang e.m.o didalam bahasa anglais nya.

Masakan bisa ana terkezut melihat keputusan personaliti ana kerana kata missus solih merah dan biru saling tidak komplemen katanya.

There is no right and wrong

Pesan missus solih, dengan ayat penyedap hatinya. Ana pun meredhai jika tuhan ingin melahirkan ana ini cacat seadanya, ana terima.

Lantas, aktiviti seterusnya ana diterapkan dalam kumpulan yang ana jarang sekali kenali, malah ana tidak pernah terfikir untuk merapati mereka. Pada mulanya suasana a.k.w.a.r.d menyelubungi semua orang. Geli hati ana didalam hati melihat situasi ini kerana sering berlaku di mana jua ana berada.

Weaknesses; siapa sharing, sharing angkat tangan?

Ana melihat tangan tangan yang beribu-ribu tangan di dewan itu masih dibawah. Ana mahu mengangkat tangan ana tapi ana malu jika orang lain mengetahui yang personaliti diri ana sebenarnya tidak suka berkongsi. Berkongsi lagu, cerita kesukaan, makanan kegemaran, warna pilihan, jenama pilihan dsb. Hanya dengan orang2 tertentu sahaja yang ana boleh terima untuk dikongsikan interests yang sama.

Dengan hati yang berat, ana mengangkat tangan ana. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . .pandangan sinis yang penuh dengan benci dan jelek itu terukir dari wajah-wajah ahli kumpulan ana.

Ana menurunkan kembali tangan ana dengan pantas dan menunduk ke arah lantai.

Ceramah diakhiri dengan jayanya dan semua beredar.


Ana sedang berjalan pulang ke farabi. Di sisi ana, bogam, sedang rancak mengutuk dengan paklan dengan h.a.i.r.s.t.y.l.e nya yang baru. Bogam; Hensem orangnya, tapi perangai serupa siamang. Tidak sama sekali dengan keupayaan IQ nya yang hanya di paras lutut. (HAHAHA).

Sedang nahnu hendak memasuki di gate B terlintaslah beberapa orang dimana di KMS kami panggil golongan naqib. golongan yang direstui allah dan dibuka pintu-pintu hati mereka. Tidak mahu anda melibatkan sebarang nama tapi ana akan menceritakan sebagai pengajaran.

Bogam, cepatlah kau tanak pergi isma ke? (bogam is a naqib too)(isma is an acronym for ikatan pelajar islam malaysia)
Oh, aku baru balik dewan razaq ni baru habis talk. Asal korang tak pergi? hah? Oh isma boleh pergi program kms tak boleh nak datang.(Bogam is making an excuse for not coming to isma)
Lah, kau tak datang isma, kau tau tak agama, agama lagi penting.
Mereka pon belah dengan muka yang hendak makan penangan.

Even though, i am not a constantly ibadah person that always go to surau every solah period. But i know something, even if you are focusing on ibadah, you must be moderate on doing that. Do not forget on other things too. Situation above showed that these alim person that people do respect reflect that they were not showing a good example after all. They skipped the talk. They didnt know what was happening to bogam because he got lectured for their absence by the teachers. And one teacher was disappointed with short attendance. Yet, they got away with their fault with no sense of guilt.

Astaghfirullah. :|

so, Until here and no further, adios, mi amor :)

ana beransur.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A sudden change

Ive made up my mind to remove the previous layout. It looks fine but its not practically usable. There are lots of flaws ; where i cant put this and that and no comments section.

What!!, no comment means no fun.

haish. well, im just being a practical guy at the moment and let the nice things past by me. Like i usually did.

IDLE, adios! :|

A good run of bad luck

This morning, i rolled out of bed. With anguish feeling struck me, " oh no, it is happening again."

Tears down my cheek. I always pray to prevent this such incident not to repeat again. Well, the usual term "shit out of luck" that constantly circulating my head are the best words to describe what was going on.

I cant feel'em. As whole my effort was put on it but it did not move. Only the whole part of it trembled. I was thinking what i am going to do now. Should i told my parents about it. They surely be mad as hell if the found out. Or probably not. I am confused.

If only there are people out there that would take good care of me and concern about this situation but i understand this matter expertly. There are no ones out there that would even care about me because i was one of them.

What i should with you know oh my precious knee?*sigh*

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Maybe it is not what i expected for but it is still a lovely page. hehe :)

Im still a newbie on designing blog. Actually it is my first time doing so. hehe.

Voila !

Adios, mi amor ^_^

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Its been awhile

I have a thought of running this blog again. Hmm, i need a few changes on this page.

Under construction.

Adios, mi amor. :)