Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mr Manager

My life has been a real mess recently. I am still losing more and more conscience. But, that's life. Yesterday you are good. Now, you slowly turn into something else. Change is ultimately constant.

I have quite a few problems that still unsolved. Part of my brain is working it out. There are also issues that are certainly, arousing and complex. Like, the correlation between human's lives and people expectations. Human's judgement on others. Escapism from reality; NEUTRALITY.

Yesterday, I met a good friend. He was an athlete. He had knee surgery the same as mine. I looked into his eyes, I saw bitterness. The same as mine. Although, he is recovering, and still can play whatever sports he wants to, but it will never be the same like old days. Fate is not an option. Its part of Qada and Qadar. Everyday is related to it.

Making decisions is one of my bad criteria. I accept it. Why won't you. People is never the same. Sometimes, i make decisions based on my hunch. It's just a mere instinct. Give me facts, give me reasons, give me logic, still, i used hunch. I need to make a personal experimentation on the correlation of success with hunch decisions so that I won't make the same mistakes.

Been observing few friends are blogging. Congratulations.

I noticed, people express their thoughts negatively. I'm still thinking what are their intentions. I assume that they are plainly stupid on how to manage thoughts. KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES and THINK FIRST. DONT BLINDLY SAY IT.

Yes, im thinking to have another post in the future, INSYALLAH.


P/S: I'm sorry for ruining everything including your life.