Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I did something horrible today.


That's what they called it.
Now, i am suffering. With all the pain and agony, I can't resist. Ahhhh!

I once said to myself
"Why all people do bad things. Did they didnt afraid of GOD. Did they lose consciousness of god. How could they....."
-from the mmnt i can talk until 13 years old

I am innocent that time.
Same goes with all the ppl.
Dont pretend u r not. Bullshyte.


What is bad?

tipu,rompak,rasuah,curi,bunuh,rogol,dendam,lancap,bunuh diri,perang,tikam blakang member,romen,make out,kiss,xpakai tudung,usha porno,kutuk,mencarut,minum arak,keluar tmpt maksiat,usha aurat,politik wang....banyak ah...

But now, i realized, when we getting matured, that it is easier said than done. When you try to manage your own responsible and obligation, try to protect what you loved, try to enjoy yourself to the fullest, to search for happiness, to keep secrets, to seek revenge on someone you hated so much, to take advantage on other tend to cross the boundary....our own religion. Yes, we forget HIM,the most merciful, the almighty.

To be honest, .....i dont want to be honest to you. Haish. What I did was ....something bad...and thats it. You could ask me privately if you want to know ^-^.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008


That stands for miracle. Just want to fancy things up.^-^

So, today. Hmm. I was doing something crazy. Way crazy.

Kuda asked me whether I can give him a ride to The Curve. Guess what. I said yes. I was kinda weird because I said yes. Hmmm. Usually, not that usual, when kuda asked me a favor or something i am kinda rejecting his requests because it just too silly and crappy. I always came up with excuses, increasing my tone to him, and bullied him. Yeah, i am a bully. A BIG bully.

In fact of feeling the guiltyness, i am happy and feeling good for helping him. Not help actually. So, yeah. I'm having good times with kuda. Best tau.

Here's the timeline.

1323 p.m: Rise and shine, its butt whippin time.
1328 : Kuda called. Asked me to pick him up at kl sentral. I said "babi, mak aku x kasi bwak keter...nak test ngan jpj ni. Kuda said: Naek scoot je ah. I said okayh.
1600: Take a shower. Kuda arrived kl sentral. He said "weh, cepat ah amek aku ni". WTF weh.
1630: I txtd to him"baru nak gerak ni weh stgah jam okay sayang! muah3x gossip guy ere.
1658: Arrived Sentral. Met him. First word uttered from my mouth, the brain didnt process the word at all. Muncung(ths joke is 4 sme ppl only). Haha.
1703:Gerak to Damansara baby. Its kuda's line. I just typed it there. Its his first time to see and visit THE CURVE.Have a nice ride with him. With all the false signals, hitting the red lights, crossing the double lanes, nearly hit a truck, make a wrong way, u-turn where the board showed u cant u-turn there. Grinned all the way. Me and Kuda. Dumb and Dumbest. Breaking the law of the JPJ's.
1758: Managed to arrive the curve. Kuda was shedding tears of joyness when he saw the radiance and glitterness of The Curve.Exageratting.
1800:Makan mcd, jalan2, saw keli working he's ass off at Starbucks the curve(woi member2 sekalian, keli keje starbucks yang belah borders bukan belah cineleisure). Tease him while hes working. Bess dow. Buying tickets at cineleisure. Watching Dead of what dead ape tah. Seram oh. At last, i met Hedia. The famous girl that everybody keep saying and cheering her name at dorm. Spokt's girl. I am a lame. Drink Frapucino ice blended with cream and caramel on top at starbuk with them. Watching movie together. Owlet txtd.

Oh shyte, shes gna hands off her phne to the trainer in couple of hours. I gave her a cll. Spoke to her. Try my best to keep her calm. Shes kept saying this words. Shit happens. This what her mum told her when shes nagging to her mum abt the phne. Im wrried. Not having her. And our last conversation. Always thought of her of being insecured. Sial la. Im watching a horror movie and these things comes back. Ruining my mood. :(

2000: Movie started.
2200: Finished with the movie. I said to kuda"ko nak ke mana ni, ade game ke malam ni?" Kuda said"aku ikut ko je". Okay.

Its like this. Things got more exciting. Im wondering that if I can buy a pair of futsal shoes so I can play another day. I plan to go to Uptown cause it is nearby. But, the thing is i dont know where the hell is uptown since like the majlis relocate to a new place. I said" So, kuda kita akan ke DOWNTOWN, CHERAS.

It is crazy dude. From UPTOWN to DOWNTOWN. With scooter. Me and Kuda. Dumb and Dumbest. SO yeah. COOLIO. We went to many kind of highways. You named it. I dont recall the names sorry. LOL. Masuk terowong at lembah highway at damansara and yelled till our lungs out. WOOHOO. Entered busy street of MIDTOWN. Jalan pudu. Puduraya. Actually, i cant remember well the roads when on scoot in night. Thanks to mr.signboards. Send regards to your wife and children eh.^-^.

2250: Arrived Downtown. P*N*S got cramp. No blood flows. Buy shoes, real madrid jersey,totenham jersey(kuda belanja, sayang anda).

The best part was, i met Teacher Faniza and her family. Weh, its so touching. Tegur mereka. Alangkah gumbiranya diriku. Kuda also tegur. Dia cepat2 threw the cigr off his fingers. Nasib je. So, tchr said besok PMR results. With the angker and stuffs, bolehkah mereka mencapai keputusan hebat. Soalan begitu buatku terpaku. Hell i didnt care abt them. I'm finished with school already. Sorry teacher, tidak berniat untuk berpura2 dan buat2 ketawa. Its just im changing the topics. haha. Teacher said baik2 dengan motor. Berhati2. Wah, she is so motherish. Way more than my mother. I think.

0032: mum txtd. Balik. Besok ada driving lessons. Haha. Kene balik. Suddenly.

0050: Kuda sampai rumah.

01??: Sampai rumah. Kesejukan(*im kinda lazy rite now to explain everything in details)Then watch Mamma Mia.Tiba2 jadi fan of ABBA. Lol.

0341: Finished with this post. Ciao.

xoxo its gossip guy....^-^

Monday, December 22, 2008

Where am i?

To those who are reading these, I'm indeed need your help. Yes, Y O U. I am lost right now. Can you give me some directions or guidance? Are you sure you can help me? Can you promise me a safe way to where i am heading? can you guarantee me this?

But, the problem is i don't know where i am going. Haish. Can somebody out there help me? I am indeed need a shoulder to cry now. SobSobSob.

Okay, let me tell you a story. About a person. Who lives a life of full of lies. Yes, he is a real liar. He never ever speak the truth. This person is so selfish. He will do everything, anything, whatever to achieve his goals. Plus, he is a real good actor. He is a good ones. One of the best you ever seen. He can be the whole caboodle. Man. He is dangerous. Maybe you will think, he is the nicest ever person in the world, mr. nice guy, but for sure, he hid his true color inside him.

I always question myself, does he ever satisfied with whatever he does. I mean in long term period. Of course not. Does he realizes it? In some kind of way, i just knew that he already thought about it. But he could not do nothing. Even, i could not do anything to change him. We both need help.

So, again i rephrase, please anyone, help me. I don't know what is my problem. I just feel in need of companion. I think so. About this guy, i am not sure about it.

Just as i thought. No one can help me. Even you do not know where exactly we are? where are we heading?

I am hoping this will help me to sort stuff out and make sense of my needful things.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby, i'm back.

Hey guys ^_^, it has been a long time I did not blogging. Yeah, it is quite true. So, did you all miss me? HAHA. Anyway, I have many stories to share and to tell. Hope you guys enjoy it. Plus, if you all have any advices or comments, feel free to drop it: P. By the way, I change the title of the blog which is previously consensus gentium. Sometimes, we need some changes right?

Now, I’ve just finished my spm exams(sfx:whatawonderfulworld). Harharhar. I am no longer a schoolboy. So, there are many things to explore outside there since I am no longer being caged behind bars of alamshaz(not Alcatraz)lol. But, curiosity kills the cat, so, I will be more cautious in the future. No drugs and alcohols. Hope so.

Okay, let it stop there. I am not talking about future here. Since like we cannot predict what could happen. Basically, I am thinking that it is not too bad living in Alam Shah after all. Alam Shah really taught me something. It really does. Whether it is spiritually or physically or whatever it is, generally it is about how to survive in life after all. They called it surviving skills. It sounded like television series The Survivor, outcast…….sort of but I am not kidding you. Lol. Joking.

But, i missed all the peeps there. AUWWW. All the memories we shared. The bond between us. Sob3x. I cannot write it anymore. It sounded so gay. LOL. So, JERKS 0408, thanks tau. So, you want to know how we celebrated SPM in Alam Shah? Ive put a good picture to descibe it. But, to Akaun students, no hard feelings oh, because the guys who make this very sengal. haha.


Okay, thats it. Im feeling better now to finish this post. For such a long time.

Adios, mi amor, amigos, el muchas, del toro, antonio banderas and ricky martin. Ciao ^_^.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

liu xiang vs ketam guy

The 2nd heat of alamsholympics.....

110 m hurdles mixed....

will the ketam man win...



Since a long time, i did not write something in this blog. This time i would like to have a different approach to any visitors here.

Ehm, would you imagine, to see a young ambitious, stupid malaya kid to have their own olympics. It is wrong to condemned them. We should praise them and support them because they are gifted peoples who need caring and loving. Enjoy this videos.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Battle Log 1408-2

Nothing has ever seen to be enough for mankind anymore. Satisfaction is never achieved. People are always demanding for more, better and higher quality of living. Such a phenomenon has turned out to be the main factor that caused humans to be neglecting towards an appreciation and thankfulness. Long has it been since the last time I saw people being thankful especially to God. Instead of bragging, whining and complaining all the time, humans should always remember to be thankful for what they had rather than begging for more all the time. It is already good enough that one has something that he had never has before. A little piece of bread is indeed better than not having even a single grain to be swallowed into the stomach of a hungry man.

But unfortunately, when an incident such as this great loss happens, people would once again be reminded of this particular fact once more. In times of leisure and happiness, people never appreciate what they see, hear, smell or even touch around them. Be more appreciative, dear society. Love all the small people and things around you, while they are still here. Who knows, that the next morning you wake up from bed, when you open your eyes, you may no longer see the bright sun shining into your bedroom windows. The wind may not blow everyday. Do not wait till God takes them away from you, for when that occurs, it might have been way too late. Regret would be no more than just meaningless tears and weeps.

Battle Log 1408-1

It ought to serve as an important lesson to all. People should always be reminded of such lesson. And for such a terrible thing to take place, it could not choose for a better time to present itself. Of all the times in the universe, why does it have to be at that moment? The burden is already heavy enough to be beared, especially for him. It is as if he is carrying the world on his back, while walking on top of a spinning bright shining sun. But the heck are we humans, to deny the fate set by the Almighty. Of course nobody ever wished for such an incident to occur at this kind of moment. Maybe it is just another way God reminds us all of His greatness. The loss of the person whom you loved and cared the most in your life. The pain of bearing a sudden loss like that is indeed unimaginably incredible.

But from that incident also I was reminded of something that I have always forgotten. Quite frankly, I don’t think that I am the sole person who tends to forget this, but so does the rest of us out there. In this vast growing world, mankind is getting demanding in a way. For no solid reason, it seems that mankind is becoming greedier each day that passed. Maybe this is due to the fact that life nowadays are getting easier and richer everyday. The mind set of humanity has changed entirely. The rapidly growing wealth and living state condition is causing people to feel insufficient almost all the time. Each second we shall hear the individual sitting right next to us whining or complaining about something. This applies to all aspects of life ranging from a simple matter like food up to things like politics.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Regresa a Mi

The sun was shining its scorching hot rays through past the window on this guy. He was sitting on a chair, looking at the ceiling. Thinking. Undecided future, mistakes in the past, debts, last fight, cherish moments. All this memories came haunted the guy head. The hot rays stimulates the sweat pores on the skin as sweat formed on his forehead. Migraine. Ugh.........

This guy had a decision to make. A decision; to chose whether to make his own destiny or to make other peoples happy. As usual, making decision.....always tough. It involves many thing, future, past, relations, feelings, implications and etc. He desperately needed help. I looked at him. Eyes meets eyes. I understood him very much. I knew I cannot help him. He can only smiles. Small grin. Melancholy.

We lived in two different world, two different mediums, different air we breathe in, different environment. There is a boundary between us. The only thing that kept us separated is only the mirror. Yes, He is only a reflection. Reflection of Me. The image formed when object is reflected on plane surfaces. Only that He is inverted. All his problems is mine too.

I knew at that time I cannot escape from my own problems. I have to face it. Somehow. People said to jot it down your problems on a piece of paper then throw it away is one method to release your dilemma or whatever. The thing is I don't want these problems to go. It is full of memories. I believe memories sometimes hurt but sometimes lovely. Then, i decided.

By writing it on your skin is releasing it but at the same time you keep it together with your soul.

Bye-bye memories. Bye-bye images. Bye-bye problemos. If we can meet again somehow in the future. Adios Mi Amor.


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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Can u imagine how would you like to learn +mat in this some kind of method? I think this teacher believes that in some kind of a way(or should i say) more conventional way is by holding up a mop and pointed to the screen and

Actually, this is my + mat class, and we were studying trigoand about grapg specifically. We were sleeping at that moment, most of us. When he suddenly in action, we woke up and laugh at the back andd took this picture.

Sorry sir, if only u knew!........
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

life is undoubtful (pt1)

Well, being a person, student, Muslim, son, earthlings at the same time would never been easy. Yes, its true. Now, I truly understand what the purpose of "life". The answer for that is simple. Enjoy it. Mainly this writing (I should say) is a contribution to all peoples that help me went through this month. Even though, there was ups and downs, I do learn something from it. I think this month, July 2008, would be one of my favorites. LOL.

Early in this month, there was PTA meeting. So, like usual, some lectures from subject teachers complaining stuffs and behaviors. But, my heart turns melancholy when MRS CHELVI did some praises and motivational advices. I did some tears. Yuh, man tears. I should thank mum at that time. Her determination and sacrifices. But, something prevent me from doing so. I regret.

This month also had this inter house basketball finals. It was quite funny because I never played basketball before and we got into finals. I am proud of myself and house. Zaaba vs AmieKids. I dont know what position I played but what I know is that to block people from scoring. lol. Some kind of kuli but it doesn't matter at all. We played very hard and determine to win, luck was not with us, we lost 48-40. Its a norm for me to lost in a game like this because i know we just underdogs facing the school players. That night, we ate some pizzas to celebrate our lost. Thanks guys for teaching me to play basket. I owe you all bros.

I went to pavi. I don't remember when.(within this month). Actually had to 'belanja' Owlet because she skips more than 500. As praises lar go with Owlet. Had some movies. Lepas 'gian' at starbucks. Its like a very looooooooong time i didnt hang out there. Thanks Owlet for teman² me. The, went to sape punye sweet 16 party. Return home at 2. A relief when saw mom already asleep. haha.

F4 again cari pasal. They sneak up at F5 dormitories. They threw some form V clothes into bins. Tampine get mad la. Pity him, now dont have any shirts to wear. So, there was a part of mayhem, chaos, and violence. I like the part when they were yelling to the form 4 level. All form 4 again show their baculness, hiding. Then, Pak Chad came. When there was Pak Chad, things became upside down. Some explanation to him and he said he understands the problems. Thanks to Pak Chad for understands to form V probs.

Last week, there was perjuangan Sejarah. SSP came. So, boring. I don't like to SSP because of their ego (sorry but x nak condemn ko). There was like sort of simple exam. The peoples who get below 35, their names will be called and had to stand at the side of the hall. So, yeah. I'm enjoying myself seeing the girls. Even the SSP girls who entered F1 get called up. haha. Sengal UBie!

Then, there was drama competition. At last, they did it. So many times postpone. 2 times i think. I actually hit Lotfey with belts. Really hard. Actually, we rehearse so many times and never hit him. The audiences making this erhh. I also add my lines too. Sorry Sir. lol. For me this was the last drama i will be acting. So, i done it. Quite sad after the drama after we bow in front of the audiences. The results. We won. Aleemy got the best performer(die baget..siot). Lotfi got the best script. I got nothing. ^_^. I met this metro guy. So jambu. Take some picture with him. lol. gay. Thanks drama team, sir, f4, f5. Thnks very much.

I also watched Dark Knight at Alamanda. With Kudah and Redii. It was really good. 5 stars dude. The attraction was The Joker. He really done it very well. It was very crazy to watch that movies. Actually, owlet got emo. Her b'day was that day and I watched without telling her. Its just accidentally to watch it. So, sorry again Owlet and blame the phone for being wrecked and cannot messaged.

Next week trial exam. I started to lose my focus. Need some boosters. I think this will be my last post for this month. Anyway, its a relief to finish this. Again, shud I said thanks to all peoples that make July month so happening.

Thanks to all. Chill. Out.

Boringness that turns bad.......

Well, it happens around two weeks ago . It is the Hari Kemerlangan Day. So, i was very annoyed and rebellious to stay at the hall watching peoples get prizes and envy them.

This guy name Loque that sat beside me complained;
"Kamal, what are we going to do now?"
I said to loque " Dude, how bout we take pictures ," with a broad grin.

This is how it looks like,,

We also capture others too........

As time passes by, the majlis in front turns uglier, others started to sleep. Me and loque were facing each other. Evil thoughts started to overpower the goodness inside me. I become self-unconscious. I become one with two horns on forehead. And this is what happened..

TO take peoples sleep was really a satisfaction that can be enjoyed. But, then i felt very empty. There was no flavors in that feelings. Sweet, sour, hot, spicy are not exist. A sudden break down.

Suddenly, came this guy; junior, form 3 i think, was telling me that Mr Perumal was searching for me. The cursing words started to mumbled on my mouth. I was thinking this maybe another IT. Then, i went to see him at the east section of the hall.

I am facing him. The teacher who always looks for help that i didn't like to do even it is a charity or whatever. A normal request from him.
"Please help me with this V cam. You just record the normal shots la. Then pass it to me after finish."
I was waiting a word called "belanja"from him. But, i know its just a blind hope.Looking into his eyes , trying to send a deny answer telepathically, did not work. Then, i just go, hesitantly, do the job.

Started the cam, just take several records. These how it looks like.

Kuda(the person who helps me with some snaps) also have some poses to......

In the middle of my work, came this guy, that annoys me a lot. He just came from nowhere and messed up with me. Then, we actually have a small fight.

"hey, sengal do kau, tade kije laen ke. Nak charge tempat laen la wei."
"tade tempat laen nak wat cemane."
"pigi mampuss sama kau la wei, ko nyibuk pehal, apak ko nye extension ke."

Then, i laughed out loud. He was retreating himself. Victorious. The music of "we are the champions" plays harmonically in the air. The smell of pride mix together with the song.

Then, bla..bla..bla.. the function is over already. I just pass back the V cam and ciao. That day ends up, with me watching bupahrah tree( a thai ghost mvie) at the tutorial room with friends.



Monday, June 2, 2008

Masalah Negara!!!

Beberapa hari yang lalu, saya dan bapa sedang menunggu kereta untuk disiapkan
di workshop berdekatan, apabila seorang gadis singgah dan bertanyakan
tujuh-ratus- sepuloh (710).
Kami berpandangan sesama sendiri, dan
seorang pelanggan bertanyakan, "Apa benda tujuh-ratus- sepuloh tu?" Gadis
itu mejawab "Awak tahu kan, benda kecil di bahagian tengah injin, saya
telah kehilangannya dan memerlukan yang baru." Gadis itu menambah bahwa dia
tidak berapa tahu benda itu, tapi benda itu ada di situ setiap masa.

Mekanik kami memberikan dia kertas dan pen dan meminta gadis tersebut
melakarkan bagaimana rupa benda itu. Gadis itu melukis
satu bulatan dan di
tengahnya bertulis 710.
Mekanik kami masih ragu-ragu. Dia kemudiannya
membawa gadis tersebut ke kereta lain yang 'hood'nya memang terbuka keatas,
dan terpampang lah bahagian injin kereta itu yang masih belum siap
diservis. Dia bertanyakan pada gadis itu "adakah benda 710 itu di kereta
ini?". Gadis itu menuding dan berkata,"Sudah tentu lah, itu dia
bendanya.... ."

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Here it goes, what beauty may u find in the nite. I call this magnum opus Bubbly Moon. I hope u overenjoyed it!

ciao ^_^
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

browsin' cool

Its just another day. I woke up today, and I found myself to be in a much calmer state of mind.
It is by nature that people think differently. In life, the truth has always been kept secret. I seldom say this, but perhaps it is for the best. There are just way too many things in stored for us in our journey throughout life lane. We see a lot of things happening, but only a little of us do learn from them, not to be forgetting myself. People always seem to forget that, there’s always a better option in life.
Now bear in mind that I’m not just making a general statement here. But it is by reality that everyday people do overlook at things. We only believe in what we are able to see before our eyes. In other words, they don’t believe in what they can’t see. Frankly, such a situation should only be blamed upon the scientific brains of the modern world, since they are the ones who promoted logical thinking theory. They claim that everything in life has an explanation of its own. Unfortunately, they were wrong. Their belief is true, but then it is not entirely. They neglected the fact of the existence of things which are beyond our limits. Beings which are incapable of being seen or understood by humanity. For example, aliens.
Now, all I wanna say here is for all of us to bear in mind that life is packed full of surprises. None of us can ever predict what is going to happen tomorrow nor even in the next hour. Just be prepared both at heart and in fist. Be strong. And together we shall face it off………

> Fahim Adwa <

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When you play with fire......

It was 20 April 2008. The environment was calm and peaceful for me, nevertheless what can you expect a total mayhem could happen.

So it was after isya' prayer at Surau that the form Fiver were tell to gather for this EKLGM (Extraordinary Kind Like General Meeting) at normal place.

So, it started wih KN normal intro speech, full of hambarness and etc, starts to api2 all the listeners, but im not affected because im api too; with some other guys better not to mention these names, the topics is "Are form five already loses their Veto power; power or rightfulness to control the school / form two and etc. . So, a good guy like me(aishh) was wondering, with face of thousand expressions, wondering, full of thoughts........

So, being honest, that was a fake expression only, i actually dont know what happen, so i asked Fahmi (vice-pres of badan ugama) that sitting beside me


Then Fahmi said, "Bwahsnashprefrukson kreefghsdarutokhanpsfel poiuewertukonaisbatukacang!!!" with saliva spitting everywhere...

So, i opened lot's PDA to find the weird language of Fahmi's...

we are out of the topic rite now, its just a SELINGAN...........

So, then KN speech is continued by this de jure leader Wafiy and he said about conspiracy that form 4 about to take down form V by expelled the last CASE man.... Here are others content about the conspiracy;

Form 4 Objectives

  1. To take down form V power as senior at the highest position of "Sistem 4 Lipatan"
  2. To take control of form two
  3. Take care of form two's welfare issues, taxes, insurance cover, protection
  4. Take over the school
  5. To do things based on their heart desire
  6. To brainwash form 2
    1. tell form 2 that next year if they want to get their LICENSE early, they must sit under form 4 armpits (trust me this is just reasons from a kencingers to siape2 yg terkene ^_^)
    2. said that form V are weak, if there is a battle royale between form 4 and form V they can win easily by calculate the amount of theirs and form V
    3. and also said that form no longer have the HARDCORES which are the 8 person that already been expelled last year.
    4. form V are bapok
*actually there are many things to write but now i forgot la just skip this

So, this is what the reaction of people in the surau

Wafiy and KN Action&Drama

So, all people were already influenced by their propaganda and stuffs. Here I want to tell about human weaknesses, when they got angry and pissed, they will never think about consequences and others. So, they united in one voice planned to rumble form 2 at Dewan Putra Perdana, the first time i see this batch united since a long time, years actually, but I am still blank and blur of what had happened...until they finished the meeting.

So, it was around 10, i was at 1 B, doing homeworks. Then, seeing Form V rushing along the corridor, heading to dewan. So, I asked what happened, to sape tah. This guy told me they already started the massive, vicious, terror, atrocious, ferocious, terrorism ; gatherings between Form V and Form II, to settle the UNfinished business. I can see the headlines inside my head, Prey meets its Predator, Eyes meet with eyes, blablabla........

i go at the scene and saw the innocent form twos being hit, throw with any kind of selipars, you named it; asadi, disada, osaki, bowling(this brand quite famous), aties, jepun mali, sempadan thai mali, being slapped, jackstand/jacksteng/jetstern wutever la and flying kicks were actually flying ^_^. These came from ferociously hatred and full of anger form V. Anxiously wanted 2 kno who?

Here I listed some :
  1. NOrmal kepala2 every house
  2. Siape2 yang x kapla pon tapi bajet2 pon bley
  3. yang ade pngalaman fly, rokok, and stuffs
  4. otaiers
  5. 1st batch(i mean bdk dpt 1st batch dlm exam)a.an_+_+_
  6. the nerdy's
haha.....expect the unexpected dude!!

here some panorama took while the incident still going...

the place the incident happen . taking a tyme out 4 guys . watching THEM with a smiley

here, i also interviewed the taiko of taiko bro ashree

This is what he said,

"Bdak² ni memang dah mlampau, ni ha aku tikau hp diorang,baru fontu(form 2) dah bwk hp mhl2. Dah ah kedit sekor2 kering. cam **ma* jer. aku kengkadang panass gak ah diorang ni.....kecik2 x nak mampo*, dah besa susahkan org je!, hahahah.Bwk hp ade blu, mne pegi agame, kat kple lutut diorg agaknye."

That is only a part of bro ashree ceramah's. Pity, pity, pity.

Next thing i know is that, they are calling form 4 to settle this once and for all, after the form 2 had been tortured 4 2 hours, come the next prey, iqy haziq and gang, three of them, came with hati kering faces. A step on the hall was lyk a hell for them, the form V are kerumun ning diorang and pukul curi ke sana kemari.

Then, there was a war. . .

form V and dorm IV

and its ended by The Wardens

at this point, i could see who are the real bacul, bapok, kecut peoples. It was all form IV. If you were there, you could see how hassan al-hafiz(form IV) was pushed by big tummy of Azam Hensem(form V), then the incident of ketuk kpale sape tah, the chasing of Bapaque(form IV) by the form V and a little close to be hit by Ustzh Rusuw car(gosh), the escape of Tayar(form IV) with a wavy of lemak² of his.

Then, all the form V were going back to dormitories celebrating and rejoice.

Arriving at dorms, changing my bju mly. Try 2 sleep but cannot. Then heard the announcement all the HICOMS are needed at bilik Warden. They we keco2 becoz the police arrived with 2 kereta peronda. The history Alam Shah once again broken with this 2 kereta peronda and around 6 officers.

Skip....(nw was 2.45 in mrng; sleepy)

We all gather at Hisyamuddin A4 and was praising with ourselves. And what happens next i can story thru these pictures......Hope u take all lessons in this story. And the next day, was a very BIG day for us.

^ ^