Thursday, April 9, 2009


This is the third posts im posting here. For the last 20 minutes.

So damn barsterd bored.

And frustrated too.

Bartha and BAyern just finished the match and thank eu god for the messiah double score.

LOL. NICE NEDERLANDS jersey. With Kemek too. Kemek handsome liao.

Yet i just remembered that Aleemy and I are gonna try to go for Anak Wayang audition and we just imagined ourselves in 5 years time.

LOL. Aleemy just thought what it would be like if he just get accepted into the Anak Wayang reality show and I am wondering myself maybe I would be look like William Hung. Damn.

Okay thats all. I am sleepy already liao.

Puma Loco Gracias. Adios

Accidentally in Love

Another title of song

Yet, another dilemma.

Yeah,i am sitting on bed like a stupid hay, watching Lot sleeping his arse off.

Oh man, i am totally addicted with counting crows.

Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows.

Thanks Counting Crows. You are my man. I am still not sleepy yet.

Pumas Locos Gracias.

Frustrated Night

Babi lot tido

Nak tgk bartha lawan x dpt

tgh ah kat

now 4-0

time showed 4:22 AM


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

These eyes are cryin'

Now, I am very sangap of a song title These Eyes by The Guess Who.

This song really portrays me man. It surely do and I am really burst into tears man because of this so fucking sad song man. The main problem is i kept playing this song over and over again non-stop. I got this song from a film of superbad. This song was sang by Evan in the movie. This movie was so fucking funny man and I will guarantee u will not regret it ah.

So, guys open your youtube and listen to this song.

Just now, i browsed to every blogs and posts in the sesat mane tah webs. So i was attracted to one of the question by this website. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE FILM AND WHY? I suddenly rembered that i once answered this question from sime darby quiz. So now im pasting my essay here just for fun ah. LOL.

My favourite film is Forrest Gump because the movie really touched my feelings and it is one of the best movies in the century. It is an award winning movie. Even though the plot was very sad and sorrow, Tom Hanks who acted as Forrest Gump delivered a very profound and influencing character that made the movie watchable and very successful.
The story started with Forrest Gump during his childhood days has had to endure a very difficult life because he is a handicapped person. He has been teased by his friends but he cannot do anything. His mother was poor but very responsible. She would do anything for his well being. Since she knew that she would not be around forever for her son, she could only advised him to run whenever there were troubles.
This is exactly what he did on one faithful day when some of his friend tried to bully him. He ran and ran as fast as he could that the clutches that hold his legs broke until he could ran like a normal person. From that day onwards he became independent and free.Yeah, it was the award winning drama line and scene that every person that watched this film will get touched by it. It was the scene where Forrest's girlfriend said " Run, Forrest Run!". I burst into tears when i watched this scene and i realized it now that i was 4 years old when i watched that film.
However, as fate would have it, his mother passed away. But before she died, she told him that “life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.” This is the message that bound him together. This is the message that became his motto for the rest of his life.
Forrest Gump went through various obstacles during his life. He joined the army and lost some of his best friends. Then after he venture in fishing business with a friend catching shrimps. He was so successful in his business that he became an idol to young and old. Also that from this movie you will found the Bubba Gump restaurants that sell seafoods everywhere.
Forrest Gump eventually settled down in life marrying his childhood girlfriend. He had children and became old. At the end of the story he sat down on a bench by the roadside looking ahead wondering, what the world would be in the future and what life might offer to him in the future. At that point he remembered what his mother once told him, “life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get!”

T_T, so later doods, puma loco gracias adios amigos. TATA.

Monday, April 6, 2009

These arms long to hold you again

Yeah im here ahgain.
Well, yesterday, urms, yesterday quite fun ah. Well if keme was not lepak skali mesti x best.
So, it was fun. Jalan2 tanpa tujuan. I got my new NEDERLANDS jersey. Sumpah lawa dow. Die xde ah ori tapi nampak cam harga die rm140 ah. Lot cakap sebab print die kurang. So, die taklah harga cam Man U jersey rm180 sumthing. ade printed AIG.

I said sumpah lawa ah NEDERLANDS punya jersey. Finest. The Oranje. Ngeee, i love it so much.

OKay enuf said, so, last two days, i went to Shah Alam berjalan2. So, mula2 went to Abg Azman punya majlis kahwin. Cool ah abang azman. Die cam, abang azman ni rileks sgt. Macam bukan die kahwen ah. Die cam suddenly datang dari mane tah...bukak baju kahwin die...pastu dtg kat meja kitorang cakap " weh lapar gila dow". Then, he joined us ah makan kat dapur. Bapak ah.

Then cam, keme ah terbaik. Dah abis makan. Cam nak anta pinggan la. Maman cakap xyah bia je. Die cam xpe ah susah2 je...pastu die kumpul pegi pas kat maman. Bangang.

Then, met k.a. Lama sial x jumpa. Lepak ah.Ngan fana.Ive met Sue also at Pasar S.Alam. Too bad x tegur. Tapi cam takpe ah, tegur pon will make feels guilty. lol.

Malasnyee nak cerita. So, conclusion ah ive met KELIwon, die dah taff skarang. Met iwa at her house. Anta bufday present. Lepak at sunway. Memang lepak betul lah.

So, tonite i got nothing to tell, but i really do enjoy belaian jiwa by innuendo. Its fucking lovely man. I remembered we were actually at sg buloh hiway from damansara at 2 a.m. We were heading to send keme back home ah. Then, Lot tune to 100.8 f.m. Shit man, we were acappelaing together with that song. Sweet. Then i got a sudden slap by keme. Shit it was so funny man. Cause that time i was so feel man with the song. Sumpah suare sesekor cam kumbang tanak hidup or siput babi. Eh camne suara siput babi tuh. I wonder ah. Hurmsss.....

So, there u have it zack tu je. Got nothing to tell about sangat. Thanks for flattering from previous post. Memang saja je nak buat u jadi camtu......LMAO.

Okay until then, later Puma Loco gracias.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ahgain and waiting


i dont fucking understand this word actually. Can someone define me the meaning?

What i do understand is the wether the meaning should be kow sat or how are you (nigga style)? or how gee or how is that?

Fack, suddenly i remembered, what had happened kelmarin where i got jalan2 around hospital pusrawi alone around 8.30 p.m.

It was again a dull night after all, to say it gloomy, i have to consider it twice. Yeah sure can it is hospitals rite, where all people got sick places. So, mum told me that time to take a stroll. I think mum got a point there. I always lie down on the bed without moving and my blood got lazy to circulate around. Lazyass. So, i went to a bench near lift. 'the place i usually hangout. (Zack tahulah). I got a blur strike. It is just sudden. At that moment I was staring at this auntie. She looks like Mona Fandey. Maybe i watch too much of keliwon. LOL. Yeah and i kept staring at her. Until she got off the lift. Without a single feeling, i entered the lift too. Pukimuch scary liao. Then i arrived at ground floor and got nothing to do. I got many duit but kedai was tutup for solat. Gile bagus kedai. Then i remembered duit gaji dah masuk. Hoorah. I am damn happy and i dont know why. I went to ATM la. Check my savings. Gosh i was sad looking at the amount. Even though i worked there just for fun but i am shocked too see the amounts.
RM ***.**
Adakah anda ingin meneruskan transaksi ----->Ya
----->Tidak (pilihanku)
But then, i actually feel that i dont really mind.Cause still can buy what.Rite?. So yeah, then i went to kedai. The kedai reopen. I bought air yogurt sumpah ngidam cam bapuks. Bought rotis and chocies cadbury yg maman slalu beli then balik.
I got pengajaran here: kita kena selalu bersyukur apa yang allah dah beri.
I went back to my room ith my heart feel at ease.
ok later puma loco adios amigos

Friday, April 3, 2009

Time For Ease

Now, im in total royal slash double big letter P for PuhPain.
Im indeed in hurts. By my sickness and my heart. I think what i am going through at the moment really gonna change my life forever. I type here like a sissy. A total bum. Oyeah, when it comes to cowardness, international sissyness and lame-o, Kamal Lazi is a master.
Right now, im typing using my only right hand. It is freaking hurts. The left one. But i still want to continue my typing here because i realised that my blog hasnt been updated fer quite a time. So, without feeling ashame of myself i continue typing here again and ahgain. Oh, you want to know why my left hand is hurt? I guess you are not interested to know. Anyway, i am still going to tell you.
Okay, first of all, i was been attacked by dengue fever and was admitted at Pusrawi Jalan Tun Razak. For those people who did not know where i went for the past 2 weeks. I think this explanation will make you understand. I dont need any of your symphatyness because at the moment i am okay and recovering. Yeah, im at home already. Ive been admitted for a week and going out today. Oyeah. So, I really missed a lot of activities that happened. But, never mind though i got my own time for rest.
So, ive been thinking during my sick period at hospital, meditating, what i think ive been doing at that time. I was asking myself,
Its all started with that word. Why the dengue? why is the problem? why is that? why is.....?
Haishh, so many questions that i am lazy to type it here. After a few days of thinking, eating ubats, gallons of I'V water flow from my hand tomy body, not to forget the many times ive been injected and taken blood, i know whats going wrong with me.
God is great.
Thats answered all my Q's. The thing that i knew is that ive been tested by god with his challenges and tests to make me realize what ive been doing all wrong. He is indeed The most merciful. As you can see, i had been given an oppurtunity to claim all my wrongdoings and I will make the best of it.
Insyallah. Now i would like to say millions of thankyous to 2 person who had visiting me Lot and Zack during my time at the wad. Eventhough it is just a visit but i am very grateful because at the that time i am really in need of companions and friends. A gazillion of thank yous maybe would not be enough.
Lotfi, you are like a brother to me. Whenever i am in hardships you are always there. Eventhough, I know and you know that we are both sengal tahap cipan that would make us perfect each other. I hope to be there whenever you are in need dude. And no worries, ill always pray for your success in life and future careers.
Zack, hey thanks for the doas, i think your doas had alreaady been heard by Allah and already been answered. So thanks anyway for the doas during your umrah. Not to forget, ketayap, sejadah. kurma and air zam2 liao. Tankyous very muach.
OKay, now im feeling better and i dont know why. My left hand still hurts and full of bruises. Macam cacat tahu. SHITMAN.
And i am trying to type with both my hands. Practice makes perfect. Fantat la perfects.type je...
okay so long, adios amigos. PUMA Loco gracie out