Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Settle Bacck weekend

WoWoWeeWa, What a week this is ;

I'm in ambiance of happiness. This week is not like others. It is so cool and relaxing. For the first time having a total comfy time after the school administration agreed to abolish the evening classes. Its like having a paradise in dreams. For me and comrades, its also an independence that we suppose to appreciate. This what "claus"ter is supposedly meant.

For Monday there is nothing to talk about because class still stops at evening. DAMN account class. Tueday ; 2.30 p.m, rushing to dormitories A12, objective=bed,(MUAHAHA), after having tough subject in morning, time to pay back. Its a V for Vendetta. Approaching door of A12, me layout me shirt, unbuttoned it, loosened my trousers, and make a long jump recording around 6 meters away. Smashing the bed so hardly until cannot wake up. I'm in state of unconsciousness. This is what they said coma. I lose to owns will. Wakes up on 6.30 p.m with a sense of regret. There you go!

It's the same occasion happen for every evening. ^_^ WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!!!

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