Thursday, May 29, 2008

browsin' cool

Its just another day. I woke up today, and I found myself to be in a much calmer state of mind.
It is by nature that people think differently. In life, the truth has always been kept secret. I seldom say this, but perhaps it is for the best. There are just way too many things in stored for us in our journey throughout life lane. We see a lot of things happening, but only a little of us do learn from them, not to be forgetting myself. People always seem to forget that, there’s always a better option in life.
Now bear in mind that I’m not just making a general statement here. But it is by reality that everyday people do overlook at things. We only believe in what we are able to see before our eyes. In other words, they don’t believe in what they can’t see. Frankly, such a situation should only be blamed upon the scientific brains of the modern world, since they are the ones who promoted logical thinking theory. They claim that everything in life has an explanation of its own. Unfortunately, they were wrong. Their belief is true, but then it is not entirely. They neglected the fact of the existence of things which are beyond our limits. Beings which are incapable of being seen or understood by humanity. For example, aliens.
Now, all I wanna say here is for all of us to bear in mind that life is packed full of surprises. None of us can ever predict what is going to happen tomorrow nor even in the next hour. Just be prepared both at heart and in fist. Be strong. And together we shall face it off………

> Fahim Adwa <

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