Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bad mood

So, i am really sad right now. :(

Perhaps, even more than sad. I don't know what to do at the moment.

It is not me in the bad mood, don't get the wrong idea.

Sometimes, i don't know what i did that hurt others especially loved ones.

I try to treat everyone nicely, but i still hurt of what everyone did to me. I did many things to make people happy, i did it sincerely. But, i feel people don't appreciate what i do to them.

People can bully me around, people can do what they want on me, people can use me as much as they want, but they do not understands my feelings.

I don't understand a really small matter can turns into a big fight. i don't understand why people mix their emotion with their judgment.

What I really understand is that Allah has planned this for me. I need to be more patient. I don't blame anyone, i would rather to admit all of it my mistakes. I hope Allah sees my hardships, and he grants me rewards in the afterlife.

I didn't expect this to happen when you have plan all things perfectly, i already start to imagine all the nice things. Suddenly, someone turn into a heartless monster, rip apart your nice emotions.

That's how i feel right now.

Sorry for the emotional post, i don't know who to express my feelings anymore. I am extremely sad.

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arina said...

i may not know what you're facing, but hey, don't let it get to you that much okay? :)