Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boringness that turns bad.......

Well, it happens around two weeks ago . It is the Hari Kemerlangan Day. So, i was very annoyed and rebellious to stay at the hall watching peoples get prizes and envy them.

This guy name Loque that sat beside me complained;
"Kamal, what are we going to do now?"
I said to loque " Dude, how bout we take pictures ," with a broad grin.

This is how it looks like,,

We also capture others too........

As time passes by, the majlis in front turns uglier, others started to sleep. Me and loque were facing each other. Evil thoughts started to overpower the goodness inside me. I become self-unconscious. I become one with two horns on forehead. And this is what happened..

TO take peoples sleep was really a satisfaction that can be enjoyed. But, then i felt very empty. There was no flavors in that feelings. Sweet, sour, hot, spicy are not exist. A sudden break down.

Suddenly, came this guy; junior, form 3 i think, was telling me that Mr Perumal was searching for me. The cursing words started to mumbled on my mouth. I was thinking this maybe another IT. Then, i went to see him at the east section of the hall.

I am facing him. The teacher who always looks for help that i didn't like to do even it is a charity or whatever. A normal request from him.
"Please help me with this V cam. You just record the normal shots la. Then pass it to me after finish."
I was waiting a word called "belanja"from him. But, i know its just a blind hope.Looking into his eyes , trying to send a deny answer telepathically, did not work. Then, i just go, hesitantly, do the job.

Started the cam, just take several records. These how it looks like.

Kuda(the person who helps me with some snaps) also have some poses to......

In the middle of my work, came this guy, that annoys me a lot. He just came from nowhere and messed up with me. Then, we actually have a small fight.

"hey, sengal do kau, tade kije laen ke. Nak charge tempat laen la wei."
"tade tempat laen nak wat cemane."
"pigi mampuss sama kau la wei, ko nyibuk pehal, apak ko nye extension ke."

Then, i laughed out loud. He was retreating himself. Victorious. The music of "we are the champions" plays harmonically in the air. The smell of pride mix together with the song.

Then, bla..bla..bla.. the function is over already. I just pass back the V cam and ciao. That day ends up, with me watching bupahrah tree( a thai ghost mvie) at the tutorial room with friends.


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sha (: said...

ahaha gl lah you :D

sha (: said...

ahaha gl lah you (: