Sunday, July 13, 2008

life is undoubtful (pt1)

Well, being a person, student, Muslim, son, earthlings at the same time would never been easy. Yes, its true. Now, I truly understand what the purpose of "life". The answer for that is simple. Enjoy it. Mainly this writing (I should say) is a contribution to all peoples that help me went through this month. Even though, there was ups and downs, I do learn something from it. I think this month, July 2008, would be one of my favorites. LOL.

Early in this month, there was PTA meeting. So, like usual, some lectures from subject teachers complaining stuffs and behaviors. But, my heart turns melancholy when MRS CHELVI did some praises and motivational advices. I did some tears. Yuh, man tears. I should thank mum at that time. Her determination and sacrifices. But, something prevent me from doing so. I regret.

This month also had this inter house basketball finals. It was quite funny because I never played basketball before and we got into finals. I am proud of myself and house. Zaaba vs AmieKids. I dont know what position I played but what I know is that to block people from scoring. lol. Some kind of kuli but it doesn't matter at all. We played very hard and determine to win, luck was not with us, we lost 48-40. Its a norm for me to lost in a game like this because i know we just underdogs facing the school players. That night, we ate some pizzas to celebrate our lost. Thanks guys for teaching me to play basket. I owe you all bros.

I went to pavi. I don't remember when.(within this month). Actually had to 'belanja' Owlet because she skips more than 500. As praises lar go with Owlet. Had some movies. Lepas 'gian' at starbucks. Its like a very looooooooong time i didnt hang out there. Thanks Owlet for teman² me. The, went to sape punye sweet 16 party. Return home at 2. A relief when saw mom already asleep. haha.

F4 again cari pasal. They sneak up at F5 dormitories. They threw some form V clothes into bins. Tampine get mad la. Pity him, now dont have any shirts to wear. So, there was a part of mayhem, chaos, and violence. I like the part when they were yelling to the form 4 level. All form 4 again show their baculness, hiding. Then, Pak Chad came. When there was Pak Chad, things became upside down. Some explanation to him and he said he understands the problems. Thanks to Pak Chad for understands to form V probs.

Last week, there was perjuangan Sejarah. SSP came. So, boring. I don't like to SSP because of their ego (sorry but x nak condemn ko). There was like sort of simple exam. The peoples who get below 35, their names will be called and had to stand at the side of the hall. So, yeah. I'm enjoying myself seeing the girls. Even the SSP girls who entered F1 get called up. haha. Sengal UBie!

Then, there was drama competition. At last, they did it. So many times postpone. 2 times i think. I actually hit Lotfey with belts. Really hard. Actually, we rehearse so many times and never hit him. The audiences making this erhh. I also add my lines too. Sorry Sir. lol. For me this was the last drama i will be acting. So, i done it. Quite sad after the drama after we bow in front of the audiences. The results. We won. Aleemy got the best performer(die baget..siot). Lotfi got the best script. I got nothing. ^_^. I met this metro guy. So jambu. Take some picture with him. lol. gay. Thanks drama team, sir, f4, f5. Thnks very much.

I also watched Dark Knight at Alamanda. With Kudah and Redii. It was really good. 5 stars dude. The attraction was The Joker. He really done it very well. It was very crazy to watch that movies. Actually, owlet got emo. Her b'day was that day and I watched without telling her. Its just accidentally to watch it. So, sorry again Owlet and blame the phone for being wrecked and cannot messaged.

Next week trial exam. I started to lose my focus. Need some boosters. I think this will be my last post for this month. Anyway, its a relief to finish this. Again, shud I said thanks to all peoples that make July month so happening.

Thanks to all. Chill. Out.

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