Thursday, August 21, 2008

Battle Log 1408-2

Nothing has ever seen to be enough for mankind anymore. Satisfaction is never achieved. People are always demanding for more, better and higher quality of living. Such a phenomenon has turned out to be the main factor that caused humans to be neglecting towards an appreciation and thankfulness. Long has it been since the last time I saw people being thankful especially to God. Instead of bragging, whining and complaining all the time, humans should always remember to be thankful for what they had rather than begging for more all the time. It is already good enough that one has something that he had never has before. A little piece of bread is indeed better than not having even a single grain to be swallowed into the stomach of a hungry man.

But unfortunately, when an incident such as this great loss happens, people would once again be reminded of this particular fact once more. In times of leisure and happiness, people never appreciate what they see, hear, smell or even touch around them. Be more appreciative, dear society. Love all the small people and things around you, while they are still here. Who knows, that the next morning you wake up from bed, when you open your eyes, you may no longer see the bright sun shining into your bedroom windows. The wind may not blow everyday. Do not wait till God takes them away from you, for when that occurs, it might have been way too late. Regret would be no more than just meaningless tears and weeps.

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