Saturday, August 16, 2008

Regresa a Mi

The sun was shining its scorching hot rays through past the window on this guy. He was sitting on a chair, looking at the ceiling. Thinking. Undecided future, mistakes in the past, debts, last fight, cherish moments. All this memories came haunted the guy head. The hot rays stimulates the sweat pores on the skin as sweat formed on his forehead. Migraine. Ugh.........

This guy had a decision to make. A decision; to chose whether to make his own destiny or to make other peoples happy. As usual, making decision.....always tough. It involves many thing, future, past, relations, feelings, implications and etc. He desperately needed help. I looked at him. Eyes meets eyes. I understood him very much. I knew I cannot help him. He can only smiles. Small grin. Melancholy.

We lived in two different world, two different mediums, different air we breathe in, different environment. There is a boundary between us. The only thing that kept us separated is only the mirror. Yes, He is only a reflection. Reflection of Me. The image formed when object is reflected on plane surfaces. Only that He is inverted. All his problems is mine too.

I knew at that time I cannot escape from my own problems. I have to face it. Somehow. People said to jot it down your problems on a piece of paper then throw it away is one method to release your dilemma or whatever. The thing is I don't want these problems to go. It is full of memories. I believe memories sometimes hurt but sometimes lovely. Then, i decided.

By writing it on your skin is releasing it but at the same time you keep it together with your soul.

Bye-bye memories. Bye-bye images. Bye-bye problemos. If we can meet again somehow in the future. Adios Mi Amor.


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