Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ruby3, do ya3

Yesterday, i slept early around 8 or 9. Im so exhausted but yet having fun with friends. Then, someone message me in the middle of snoring. 11p.m to be exact. Everything was sorted out. Just a small problem about my past. Then, i shut my eyes closed but i couldnt sleep. Shit.

It was 2a.m. My training to sleep early and wake up early ruined. Again Shit. So, i went downstairs, and looking at the dark surrounding. Shit. It was so dark and i am too lazy to switch on the lights. I watched television and searched whichever movie that was played at that time. Then, went to the kitchen to get some foods. When i came back, channel max ch412, on the screen there was a title

I was so amazed man. GENERATION KILL. So, i spent my 2 hours watching this movie-series. All i can say the movie was 4.8/5 eventho i only watched two episodes. Yet im looking forward to watch the continuation of this movie.

Ciao. Adios aigos. Ome mento.......

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