Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A lone wolf

Basically, im in no mood for doing anything neither not doing anything at all. I just woke up, with a heavy migraine. I bumped my head onto the bolster with heavy thoughts, wondering whether hijaz already woke up or not and things that make me feel guilty like recent dormancy, deprecate people and still not vamoose from KMS!. Personally, the disappointment make me feel miserable as the whole point of living life is so pointless at this point.

4.30p.m, Tuesday evening,
It was a gloomy evening, as everybody was busy heading home whilst wishing
a safe journey back and happy raya, me and hijaz were looking at people with idle faces. We were planning( I was planning) to watch UP together. Sounds gay. :)). Actually, i just want to distract my feelings esp the homesick feeling. I think I should stay for a day to impassive myself from the society, plus hijaz ticket's tomorrow, and it would be a great thing to do.

6 pm, i was sleeping under the fastest-ever fan on farabi(bilik halim) and hijaz was playing PES by himself since 2pm. My sleep-marathon disturbed by the sudden yell that comes from Hijaz, he asked me " dude, pukul brapa nak gerak ni?. For my eyes were too heavy to open, i turn to the opposite side. I want to continue my sleep but my desire to watch UP wakes me up. "Jom ah!".

ko bangun lah!
cepat ah siap, aku dah mandi pkul 4 tadi.
ko lah x bangun2 lagi.
abis ko x stop2 men game lagi aku pon malas ah.
cepat ah, aku dah solat asar.
tadi ah.
OH! ok2 aku solat terus gerak, ko mandi ah!.

Again the malas-ness strikes again. I am not used to this malas. Something inside me that changed. I am in need of extra booster/motivation i think. LOL. Motivational talks always makes me sleepy......

Breaking fast outside is new to me. I never had the chance to eat outside during fasting month because mum will always cooks delicious-variety foods. Plus, i am again a malas person to eat outside. The term is actually leceh. We were at Mcds, they got berbuka puasa offer there. So, Aqil said he prefer mcd rather than kfc. There is something suspicious in his words. Yeah, i figured it already when he "bantai" 3 large fries, a big mac, applepie, air pepsi. Action speaks louder than words. Aqil falsifies the fact that small people eat little portion of food rather than large people.

After that, we watched UP. I dont want to share anything, but it was a 5/5 movie lah.!


Hijaz had lost his ticket, bus ticket. Poor guy. I was helping him all day to find his ticket. After we found that makcik cleaner already sapu his ticket. I was touched when he said "Astagfirullah, ad hikmah ni." I was like woo. His heart is really pure. Then, i decided to accompany him until he got back. Now, hes at KL staying with his cousin.

After i arrived home, i feel good. Yeah, home sweet home. There is no place like home. ;))

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