Thursday, July 4, 2013



Im a bit nervous for tomorrow. Still have half a day before exam. I dont know whether im prepared or not. I want to do well in this exam. Quite have a high hope in this one. But then again, im nervous as hell. 

I just realised when im on this para, that, everythng will be decided by Allah. Even how many efforts i put on the  subject itself the only one who determines that how much i can understand and how well i can perform for tomorrow paper is only Him. The only thing i can do is Tawakal. Istill have time to do my last revision. I do hope doing past years MTFs will help me so that i can remember what i learn. 

At this hour, i do really hope that someone will accompany me and listen to my annoying feelings of insecurities. I am really regretful that before this i did have someone to care for me. :'( 

Till another time. Pray for me. Salam. 

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