Thursday, August 21, 2008

Battle Log 1408-1

It ought to serve as an important lesson to all. People should always be reminded of such lesson. And for such a terrible thing to take place, it could not choose for a better time to present itself. Of all the times in the universe, why does it have to be at that moment? The burden is already heavy enough to be beared, especially for him. It is as if he is carrying the world on his back, while walking on top of a spinning bright shining sun. But the heck are we humans, to deny the fate set by the Almighty. Of course nobody ever wished for such an incident to occur at this kind of moment. Maybe it is just another way God reminds us all of His greatness. The loss of the person whom you loved and cared the most in your life. The pain of bearing a sudden loss like that is indeed unimaginably incredible.

But from that incident also I was reminded of something that I have always forgotten. Quite frankly, I don’t think that I am the sole person who tends to forget this, but so does the rest of us out there. In this vast growing world, mankind is getting demanding in a way. For no solid reason, it seems that mankind is becoming greedier each day that passed. Maybe this is due to the fact that life nowadays are getting easier and richer everyday. The mind set of humanity has changed entirely. The rapidly growing wealth and living state condition is causing people to feel insufficient almost all the time. Each second we shall hear the individual sitting right next to us whining or complaining about something. This applies to all aspects of life ranging from a simple matter like food up to things like politics.

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