Friday, March 6, 2009

I suddenly got big brother.

Hello, yeah hellomotto.

Today, i got shitted by Nadzrin brother, Lutfi. Plus, i got played by Polis Bantuan near the lift. Not to forget, the whole Petrosains laughed at me and call me that stupid name. WTF. The name.


Fuck, it sounded like a very pornish name. TAIB. TAIB. TAIB.
ya know, lorong haji taib kan.
I still remember what Lutfi said to me at the end rockoll.

"Weh, ko sayang abang ko x?".
Bodo la kau, aku mana ada abang.
Taib tu bukan abang ko.
Abis ko sayang x adik ko Nadzrin.
Sayang lah.Tapi x tau die nak ngaku ke x.
Aku camtu ah x sayang gak sbb die bukan abang aku.
Alah ko x ngaku pulak.
Ye ah. Die asal Serawak kot, aku semenanjung.
EH. die ade gak singapore skali cam ko.
Bile lak singapore ni, fak kau ah kencing.
Aku tau ko ade darah from singapore.
Mana ko tau.
Taib ade cakap aku die orang singapore gak.
Sengal la ko.
Ye ah die Sarawak SIngapore.
Aku x penah jumpe orang Sarawak SIngapore, mane match bhai.
Ye, abang ko ah tu.
Bukan abang aku le.
Ko x ngaku adik lak.
Bodo Sial.
OK3x x caye ko tggu jap.

Abang Yuri, tgk muke bdak ni.
Eh, ko adik Taib eh.

Ya knw, thts the story. Every single staffs at pertosains think im Taibs little brother but a lot more whiter. The problem is they did not even need to be reminded of Taib.


1. Lutfi : ABang yuri, tgk muke budak ni. ADA MUKA CAM SIAPA X?<---This sentence shows dat muka cam siapa tu people will try to imagine person whom looks identical to my face.

What happened was.

Like the previous one .

So, afterwards, i will be the laughing stock till they get bored. And i will keep my head calm. I know, these people dont have any things to do.

So, thats all folks. Later. xoxo gossipguy ere muah3x

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