Friday, April 3, 2009

Time For Ease

Now, im in total royal slash double big letter P for PuhPain.
Im indeed in hurts. By my sickness and my heart. I think what i am going through at the moment really gonna change my life forever. I type here like a sissy. A total bum. Oyeah, when it comes to cowardness, international sissyness and lame-o, Kamal Lazi is a master.
Right now, im typing using my only right hand. It is freaking hurts. The left one. But i still want to continue my typing here because i realised that my blog hasnt been updated fer quite a time. So, without feeling ashame of myself i continue typing here again and ahgain. Oh, you want to know why my left hand is hurt? I guess you are not interested to know. Anyway, i am still going to tell you.
Okay, first of all, i was been attacked by dengue fever and was admitted at Pusrawi Jalan Tun Razak. For those people who did not know where i went for the past 2 weeks. I think this explanation will make you understand. I dont need any of your symphatyness because at the moment i am okay and recovering. Yeah, im at home already. Ive been admitted for a week and going out today. Oyeah. So, I really missed a lot of activities that happened. But, never mind though i got my own time for rest.
So, ive been thinking during my sick period at hospital, meditating, what i think ive been doing at that time. I was asking myself,
Its all started with that word. Why the dengue? why is the problem? why is that? why is.....?
Haishh, so many questions that i am lazy to type it here. After a few days of thinking, eating ubats, gallons of I'V water flow from my hand tomy body, not to forget the many times ive been injected and taken blood, i know whats going wrong with me.
God is great.
Thats answered all my Q's. The thing that i knew is that ive been tested by god with his challenges and tests to make me realize what ive been doing all wrong. He is indeed The most merciful. As you can see, i had been given an oppurtunity to claim all my wrongdoings and I will make the best of it.
Insyallah. Now i would like to say millions of thankyous to 2 person who had visiting me Lot and Zack during my time at the wad. Eventhough it is just a visit but i am very grateful because at the that time i am really in need of companions and friends. A gazillion of thank yous maybe would not be enough.
Lotfi, you are like a brother to me. Whenever i am in hardships you are always there. Eventhough, I know and you know that we are both sengal tahap cipan that would make us perfect each other. I hope to be there whenever you are in need dude. And no worries, ill always pray for your success in life and future careers.
Zack, hey thanks for the doas, i think your doas had alreaady been heard by Allah and already been answered. So thanks anyway for the doas during your umrah. Not to forget, ketayap, sejadah. kurma and air zam2 liao. Tankyous very muach.
OKay, now im feeling better and i dont know why. My left hand still hurts and full of bruises. Macam cacat tahu. SHITMAN.
And i am trying to type with both my hands. Practice makes perfect. Fantat la perfects.type je...
okay so long, adios amigos. PUMA Loco gracie out

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