Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ahgain and waiting


i dont fucking understand this word actually. Can someone define me the meaning?

What i do understand is the wether the meaning should be kow sat or how are you (nigga style)? or how gee or how is that?

Fack, suddenly i remembered, what had happened kelmarin where i got jalan2 around hospital pusrawi alone around 8.30 p.m.

It was again a dull night after all, to say it gloomy, i have to consider it twice. Yeah sure can it is hospitals rite, where all people got sick places. So, mum told me that time to take a stroll. I think mum got a point there. I always lie down on the bed without moving and my blood got lazy to circulate around. Lazyass. So, i went to a bench near lift. 'the place i usually hangout. (Zack tahulah). I got a blur strike. It is just sudden. At that moment I was staring at this auntie. She looks like Mona Fandey. Maybe i watch too much of keliwon. LOL. Yeah and i kept staring at her. Until she got off the lift. Without a single feeling, i entered the lift too. Pukimuch scary liao. Then i arrived at ground floor and got nothing to do. I got many duit but kedai was tutup for solat. Gile bagus kedai. Then i remembered duit gaji dah masuk. Hoorah. I am damn happy and i dont know why. I went to ATM la. Check my savings. Gosh i was sad looking at the amount. Even though i worked there just for fun but i am shocked too see the amounts.
RM ***.**
Adakah anda ingin meneruskan transaksi ----->Ya
----->Tidak (pilihanku)
But then, i actually feel that i dont really mind.Cause still can buy what.Rite?. So yeah, then i went to kedai. The kedai reopen. I bought air yogurt sumpah ngidam cam bapuks. Bought rotis and chocies cadbury yg maman slalu beli then balik.
I got pengajaran here: kita kena selalu bersyukur apa yang allah dah beri.
I went back to my room ith my heart feel at ease.
ok later puma loco adios amigos

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