Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday noon.


Another relaxing sunday, me and friends are chatting about old times. Everything sounds fun. Eventhough I am not fond of those memories, but remembering happy moments are nice. Such significant events do make us human. I have read somewhere in the internet, our minds only remember the things we want to remember. Most of it the happy times. But, why the sad part of my life is so significant to me.

Just want to update what is happening around me, firstly, I have been listening to unorthodox jukebox for quite a while. It has been along time i didnt enjoy music. Yeah, i am really left behind in entertainment news and so on. It really nice to listen to quality like Bruno Mars. Plus, the melancholy-relationship-ish kind of songs really suit me at the moment. Whan i was your man, gorrilla, locked out of heaven are nice songs to listen. But, the lyrics are bit vulgar and not that good. So that's a minus. 

I have two tests coming up on Tuesday and Thursday. I am not yet prepared. Well, not that I want to procrastinate the revision but the body and mind are too tired and i just think that i will not understand at all what i read. I really hope i get the consistent motivation and focus when i open my notes. In addition, a good environment to study is a plus. Right now, i am very lazy and study while lying down on bed. I just hope someone would knock me on the head kick my lazy bum to tell me to start study. 

So i think that is all for today. I do have something in my mind to share but i will tell on the next post. So, until then Salam :3

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