Friday, June 28, 2013

Syok sendiri


Such a cold weather in rainy season. Not just the temperature, but also human hearts. Well, not all, just some few. 

I have been trying to know a person very well. I just feel that the feeling ain't mutual. Again, i don't want to involve in a relationship that my feelings are subsided and ignored. I just don't get it. Is it that i am too sensitive or i don't really deserve the mutual concerns over each other. 

Probably, i am a person with so too much EQ that it consumes me to pieces. I cared until at a point it breaks me. Such occassions happened more than once. It happened again. Selfishness has consumed mankind till love has not been permit to exist. I don't think i am sad. But, it just wretched my heart a little. 

Maybe, i need to stop doing what i am doing, and keep searching for the one... That understands the feel of a guy, who has been lonely and longing for his mutual understandings. 

I am going to have a nice breakfast in an hour or two. Who wants to join me? :3 

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