Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby, i'm back.

Hey guys ^_^, it has been a long time I did not blogging. Yeah, it is quite true. So, did you all miss me? HAHA. Anyway, I have many stories to share and to tell. Hope you guys enjoy it. Plus, if you all have any advices or comments, feel free to drop it: P. By the way, I change the title of the blog which is previously consensus gentium. Sometimes, we need some changes right?

Now, I’ve just finished my spm exams(sfx:whatawonderfulworld). Harharhar. I am no longer a schoolboy. So, there are many things to explore outside there since I am no longer being caged behind bars of alamshaz(not Alcatraz)lol. But, curiosity kills the cat, so, I will be more cautious in the future. No drugs and alcohols. Hope so.

Okay, let it stop there. I am not talking about future here. Since like we cannot predict what could happen. Basically, I am thinking that it is not too bad living in Alam Shah after all. Alam Shah really taught me something. It really does. Whether it is spiritually or physically or whatever it is, generally it is about how to survive in life after all. They called it surviving skills. It sounded like television series The Survivor, outcast…….sort of but I am not kidding you. Lol. Joking.

But, i missed all the peeps there. AUWWW. All the memories we shared. The bond between us. Sob3x. I cannot write it anymore. It sounded so gay. LOL. So, JERKS 0408, thanks tau. So, you want to know how we celebrated SPM in Alam Shah? Ive put a good picture to descibe it. But, to Akaun students, no hard feelings oh, because the guys who make this very sengal. haha.


Okay, thats it. Im feeling better now to finish this post. For such a long time.

Adios, mi amor, amigos, el muchas, del toro, antonio banderas and ricky martin. Ciao ^_^.

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William Anderson said...

hey,isn't that my class....haha