Monday, December 22, 2008

Where am i?

To those who are reading these, I'm indeed need your help. Yes, Y O U. I am lost right now. Can you give me some directions or guidance? Are you sure you can help me? Can you promise me a safe way to where i am heading? can you guarantee me this?

But, the problem is i don't know where i am going. Haish. Can somebody out there help me? I am indeed need a shoulder to cry now. SobSobSob.

Okay, let me tell you a story. About a person. Who lives a life of full of lies. Yes, he is a real liar. He never ever speak the truth. This person is so selfish. He will do everything, anything, whatever to achieve his goals. Plus, he is a real good actor. He is a good ones. One of the best you ever seen. He can be the whole caboodle. Man. He is dangerous. Maybe you will think, he is the nicest ever person in the world, mr. nice guy, but for sure, he hid his true color inside him.

I always question myself, does he ever satisfied with whatever he does. I mean in long term period. Of course not. Does he realizes it? In some kind of way, i just knew that he already thought about it. But he could not do nothing. Even, i could not do anything to change him. We both need help.

So, again i rephrase, please anyone, help me. I don't know what is my problem. I just feel in need of companion. I think so. About this guy, i am not sure about it.

Just as i thought. No one can help me. Even you do not know where exactly we are? where are we heading?

I am hoping this will help me to sort stuff out and make sense of my needful things.


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Thomas Paine said...

A man has to learn that he cannot command things, but that he can command himself; that he cannot coerce the wills of others, but that he can mold and master his own will: and things serve him who serves Truth; people seek guidance of him who is master of himself.
(James Allen)

now that's what an American author's saying.Well,humans are uniques in their own ways.Some are gentle,some are strong,some are talented,some are bold,hot-headed and stuff....and there are also some like in your case,weird or selfish if i might say.

when it come to my senses,people don't usually do whatever dey want for no good reason.Maybe this is the only way for him to enjoy his own personal happiness,or could it be it is a mask he's wearing to shade his own face from the crowd...we know not of it,do is his choice.

Make your own choice of what kind of a mask would you like to wear,or none at all....
may Allah guide you on your way....