Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I did something horrible today.


That's what they called it.
Now, i am suffering. With all the pain and agony, I can't resist. Ahhhh!

I once said to myself
"Why all people do bad things. Did they didnt afraid of GOD. Did they lose consciousness of god. How could they....."
-from the mmnt i can talk until 13 years old

I am innocent that time.
Same goes with all the ppl.
Dont pretend u r not. Bullshyte.


What is bad?

tipu,rompak,rasuah,curi,bunuh,rogol,dendam,lancap,bunuh diri,perang,tikam blakang member,romen,make out,kiss,xpakai tudung,usha porno,kutuk,mencarut,minum arak,keluar tmpt maksiat,usha aurat,politik wang....banyak ah...

But now, i realized, when we getting matured, that it is easier said than done. When you try to manage your own responsible and obligation, try to protect what you loved, try to enjoy yourself to the fullest, to search for happiness, to keep secrets, to seek revenge on someone you hated so much, to take advantage on other tend to cross the boundary....our own religion. Yes, we forget HIM,the most merciful, the almighty.

To be honest, .....i dont want to be honest to you. Haish. What I did was ....something bad...and thats it. You could ask me privately if you want to know ^-^.


2 remark/s:

Dementor said...


what have u did actually...
it sounds that u've already done a very bad thing.....

let me guess....
u did sumthing that every boys did right??

so, what's the point of being so regret dude.... :-)

Del Lofis said...

lancap bebbbbbbbbb
ikah sungguh kecewa