Tuesday, December 30, 2008


That stands for miracle. Just want to fancy things up.^-^

So, today. Hmm. I was doing something crazy. Way crazy.

Kuda asked me whether I can give him a ride to The Curve. Guess what. I said yes. I was kinda weird because I said yes. Hmmm. Usually, not that usual, when kuda asked me a favor or something i am kinda rejecting his requests because it just too silly and crappy. I always came up with excuses, increasing my tone to him, and bullied him. Yeah, i am a bully. A BIG bully.

In fact of feeling the guiltyness, i am happy and feeling good for helping him. Not help actually. So, yeah. I'm having good times with kuda. Best tau.

Here's the timeline.

1323 p.m: Rise and shine, its butt whippin time.
1328 : Kuda called. Asked me to pick him up at kl sentral. I said "babi, mak aku x kasi bwak keter...nak test ngan jpj ni. Kuda said: Naek scoot je ah. I said okayh.
1600: Take a shower. Kuda arrived kl sentral. He said "weh, cepat ah amek aku ni". WTF weh.
1630: I txtd to him"baru nak gerak ni weh stgah jam okay sayang! muah3x gossip guy ere.
1658: Arrived Sentral. Met him. First word uttered from my mouth, the brain didnt process the word at all. Muncung(ths joke is 4 sme ppl only). Haha.
1703:Gerak to Damansara baby. Its kuda's line. I just typed it there. Its his first time to see and visit THE CURVE.Have a nice ride with him. With all the false signals, hitting the red lights, crossing the double lanes, nearly hit a truck, make a wrong way, u-turn where the board showed u cant u-turn there. Grinned all the way. Me and Kuda. Dumb and Dumbest. Breaking the law of the JPJ's.
1758: Managed to arrive the curve. Kuda was shedding tears of joyness when he saw the radiance and glitterness of The Curve.Exageratting.
1800:Makan mcd, jalan2, saw keli working he's ass off at Starbucks the curve(woi member2 sekalian, keli keje starbucks yang belah borders bukan belah cineleisure). Tease him while hes working. Bess dow. Buying tickets at cineleisure. Watching Dead of what dead ape tah. Seram oh. At last, i met Hedia. The famous girl that everybody keep saying and cheering her name at dorm. Spokt's girl. I am a lame. Drink Frapucino ice blended with cream and caramel on top at starbuk with them. Watching movie together. Owlet txtd.

Oh shyte, shes gna hands off her phne to the trainer in couple of hours. I gave her a cll. Spoke to her. Try my best to keep her calm. Shes kept saying this words. Shit happens. This what her mum told her when shes nagging to her mum abt the phne. Im wrried. Not having her. And our last conversation. Always thought of her of being insecured. Sial la. Im watching a horror movie and these things comes back. Ruining my mood. :(

2000: Movie started.
2200: Finished with the movie. I said to kuda"ko nak ke mana ni, ade game ke malam ni?" Kuda said"aku ikut ko je". Okay.

Its like this. Things got more exciting. Im wondering that if I can buy a pair of futsal shoes so I can play another day. I plan to go to Uptown cause it is nearby. But, the thing is i dont know where the hell is uptown since like the majlis relocate to a new place. I said" So, kuda kita akan ke DOWNTOWN, CHERAS.

It is crazy dude. From UPTOWN to DOWNTOWN. With scooter. Me and Kuda. Dumb and Dumbest. SO yeah. COOLIO. We went to many kind of highways. You named it. I dont recall the names sorry. LOL. Masuk terowong at lembah highway at damansara and yelled till our lungs out. WOOHOO. Entered busy street of MIDTOWN. Jalan pudu. Puduraya. Actually, i cant remember well the roads when on scoot in night. Thanks to mr.signboards. Send regards to your wife and children eh.^-^.

2250: Arrived Downtown. P*N*S got cramp. No blood flows. Buy shoes, real madrid jersey,totenham jersey(kuda belanja, sayang anda).

The best part was, i met Teacher Faniza and her family. Weh, its so touching. Tegur mereka. Alangkah gumbiranya diriku. Kuda also tegur. Dia cepat2 threw the cigr off his fingers. Nasib je. So, tchr said besok PMR results. With the angker and stuffs, bolehkah mereka mencapai keputusan hebat. Soalan begitu buatku terpaku. Hell i didnt care abt them. I'm finished with school already. Sorry teacher, tidak berniat untuk berpura2 dan buat2 ketawa. Its just im changing the topics. haha. Teacher said baik2 dengan motor. Berhati2. Wah, she is so motherish. Way more than my mother. I think.

0032: mum txtd. Balik. Besok ada driving lessons. Haha. Kene balik. Suddenly.

0050: Kuda sampai rumah.

01??: Sampai rumah. Kesejukan(*im kinda lazy rite now to explain everything in details)Then watch Mamma Mia.Tiba2 jadi fan of ABBA. Lol.

0341: Finished with this post. Ciao.

xoxo its gossip guy....^-^

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Miss Fanna said...

I wanted to reply ur cmmnt je..
then, saw ths post, so i read it.
so funny!!
i laughed out loud for real =P
specially the part yg dumb and dumbest tu.
u and kuda would make a very good couple!
haha.. tho i don't evn know who's kuda!
and then, what's with the muah3 gossipguy eh?
lol.. so crazy la..

nyway, yeah.. u sounded A TINY BIT gay dlm ur cmmnt..
haha.. keep writing nyways!

Thomas Paine said...

gossip guy,huh??

you must be joking.....