Monday, May 25, 2009

Nor Hezrizat

He was one of my best childhood friend. I was all alone in standard one of Sekolah Kebangsaan Air Baruk, Jasin Melaka. At that time, I lived with my grandparents, both were sweet and nice. I cant speak malay fluently and I cannot get many friends. In the middle of recess period, he walked to me and said

Hi, nama saya Nor Hezrizat. and he smile and offered a handshake. I was frowned. ngeeeee
Since that day, we played together and we also were punished standing on chairs because playing at the back of the class. I left the school at standard 2 and I cry, a real tears, because i am leaving my best friend. sobs.

There was a phone conversation between me and owlet. She said about AimanmdJelas(meyem) is there at Penang, and all of sudden, I laughed, the memories with me and him all came back of nowhere.
Meyem and Duran during ED comp form 3.
He is a close friend. We were in the Archery team since Form 1. We were the best because the passion towards the sport itself. Since form 1 we already trained by using compound bow not a wooden bow. He was the captain of four. We won a lot of competitions, district, state and also National circuit. Since now, i am not sure whether we were talented or we just very highly motivated because the training was at Sekolah Seri Puteri.ngee~.

Aiman was a future prodigy for SAS. He is very smart and shows the leadership during early years at SAS. He was our batch-leader and future head boy. Maybe, if you can remember of his face on the E-Siswa cover page. Yes, he is very handsome, good-looking. lengchai meh. (im not a gay)

Something happened to him. All i can said that at that time, he was distracted. Maybe, lust. You see, if somebody got all the power and popularity, they will turn into a totally different person. During form 4, he was in the top-notch class, 4 Bestari, where brilliant people like Wafi, Kn, Ucop, afiqanua,lot,haikal,aripzahlan,ash,izi were there. But, mostly during the school period he was not at class. You knw aite, honeymoon yr. But, his attendance was critical. In one month, you can only see him twice or thrice, and also during exams he will showed up and scored very well. Yeah, when every people were looking for him, he was not there. When i saw him at dorms, we will smile at each other and have a pep talk.

So, he was expelled from the school because of one stupid case. Yes a very silly ones. Everybody was very sad. Its like seeing a brother of yours is going away forever. Me, i did not know what I am feeling. We were very close during at the beginning but we were very distant during form 4.
I am not crying like everybody at that time and also the time when I was leaving hezrizat. Yet, i felt pain inside of my heart. It feels like something was not going right. i want to cry like others but i cannot. I want to share my pain but there were nobody.

Now i realized, as we grow older, we learned to control feelings and emotions, we learned to hide our pain. Actually, we learned to suffer. By suffering, we try to be optimistic so that maybe in future there will be a better living. That is life. Which i can derive it as Life=Suffer.

Kimiey during ED in form3. So sexy mamah.
Once and forever close and best dudes. Kucai, Wafi, Kamal and Lotfi.
Adios amigos ^_^

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MuHammaD YusuF SaFwaN said...

mal, hezrizat tuh...ijat eh??
(yg bdn besa2 skit, putih2 tu kan??am i rite???or wrong??)
(ttb ko mention hezrizat...aku mcm t'igt kat, blurry la memori)