Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shake Well Before Serving

High Vit A,C and E. Yeah. I like it very much. Plus with orange sacs. MMM........Yummy. I just enjoyed one while im blogging. 2 words. Ho LIaO. Yet, I have this [=---------,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,m³;2433(my cat step on the keyboard)
problem when im entering anything that is sour-based taste in my mouth. It makes me feel like
UARGHHHH "NGENGOGOENG, massssaaaaaaaaammmmm!!!".

Last night, I was from a farewell meeting for a friend at Shah Alam Bandar Anggerik, One Utama, Kota Kemuning and Sunway, Subang. It was fun meeting with Betik(MRAZih), Keme and Lot. We watched movies and hangout. It was hilarious too watching angels and demons while making jokes about the movie itself and we were covering our faces when the show was over because people were staring at us with unlikeable expression. A big smile for me a big humilliation for my pride.

As we were on the way back to the parking lot, saw Naim Azuz(warriors) with his girlfriend. Then keme was enquiry us something
Weh, die ni bukan nerd ke dulu, slekeh je. Ko tgk awek dia weh.hensem kot. awek die lagila. pergh 8 kot.
Haha. now look at us keme. Not handsome as him. NO lengchainess, no aweks 8 macamtu. I suddenly thinking that people changed. Yes, i do remember that he was one of the most alim in school. Seeing him fasting mostly everyday. Reading quran is one of his habit. A bookworm should i say. Walking with a big hunchback. Seeing him now with his girlfriend, holding hands, like a romantic couple, dating at one utama, making me feel unease. Uneasiness is because i am afraid that people that are close to me will change and i might be changing myself. What to do, what to do.

Later at night, lot, keme and me were at Sunway. I watch the time when we arrived there. Darn, its 11.15 p.m. and we did not buy our tickets for the movie yet. So, we were running at empty aisle like a group of stupid and carefree dudes heading to the cinema. There was a lot of styles, usain bolt, david beckham castrol running, ketam running, walking and running, a winning run and my favourite, running then stop and panting all alone helplessly(like keme). Then we bumped into another two warriors, bighead and castelo. Castello did an earpiercing at his left ear while Bighead dye his hair into yellowish gold. We, handshake, chat a little and chow. Must buy the tickets fast. In my mind, while running to the counter, i have this thought that, yes people do change.

This kakak was smiling at us, after a long queue,
yes, cerita apa adik. Akak kasi NATM2 3 ppl. Oh seat sepah2 la dik. Hmm. Cerita ICAC laa. Yes, cantonese movie entitle I corrupt all/a cop. I dont sure lah.

It was a fine movie. With no hero, heroin and a no cliche ending. A type of movie where people like me and gang, malays, have to watch. Yes, we were seated in front of all chinese audiences and making problems and irritating others were our duty. 4.0/5.

Can you imagine while watching a movie, then suddenly a guy that seat at the most front of all the people is answering a phone call. The phone call was answered with a loud and monotous voice, with the word projection can be heard one by one. What usually the people at the back will do to make this person stop from irritating others watching movie?, Yes, throw him the pop corns. For sure the guy will stop. But, the guy will not easily giving up. His tactic was simple but victory is guarantee. He finished answered the call and talking to his friend with a clear voice,
Weh, mak aku call oh tadi, die kata bapak aku masuk hospital oh. With a sad tone.
The people whom threw the popcorn to him will feel guilty. The person that ansewered the call, satisfaction. Mood in cinema turns into dull and gloomy. lol.

At3, I was at asiba with lotfi, accompanied him to finish filling the empty blanks in the UIA form. There was confusion, dilemma and frustration. I am guiding him in the selection to enroll into any clubs for his side activities. The choices given, recreative club, geology, silat cekak malaysia, silat cekak hanafi, silat gayung, taekwondo, karate do and etc. he said he want to be low profile there. I told him to chill because there were nobody wants to force him to riadah and he can melendir like old times.
KO tau, abg aku dulu kene paksa kot main tenis. Fuck wey.
Then, are there any opt left? He said if there was a nightlife club, he will tick there. Lol.

I went back at 4. Have a good sleep and then woke up at 8 in the morning. A bright new day. ngee~

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Miss Fana said...

ni lg best go out till 3am??
Btw, yeah, ppl change all th time of course.

Anonymous said...

Weh, die ni bukan nerd ke dulu, slekeh je. Ko tgk awek dia weh.hensem kot. awek die lagila. pergh 8 kot.

haha xley blah..bile mse la word '8' ni dtg.tacap weyh