Friday, March 26, 2010

A good run of bad luck

This morning, i rolled out of bed. With anguish feeling struck me, " oh no, it is happening again."

Tears down my cheek. I always pray to prevent this such incident not to repeat again. Well, the usual term "shit out of luck" that constantly circulating my head are the best words to describe what was going on.

I cant feel'em. As whole my effort was put on it but it did not move. Only the whole part of it trembled. I was thinking what i am going to do now. Should i told my parents about it. They surely be mad as hell if the found out. Or probably not. I am confused.

If only there are people out there that would take good care of me and concern about this situation but i understand this matter expertly. There are no ones out there that would even care about me because i was one of them.

What i should with you know oh my precious knee?*sigh*

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