Monday, March 29, 2010

Jest 1

Self Humiliation part 1.....

During biology period, i was humiliating myself in front of my classmates. The exact term would be 'memangkah diri sendiri'. I am embarrassed to tell this but it happens every time and anywhere.

The incident, while studying about environmental policy

Cikgu Bio; So, the people usually involved in the resort are



and then there was this little voice came out of nowhere

W W E!!!!

le fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. BAAAAHAAAAAAA

Darn, I supposed to say WWF, and i forgot about it.
Would JOHN CENA or RIC FLAIR even care about some policies and eagle sanctuary.

Luckily, it did not turn to be the main subject of the day. Phew. Otherwise, i will the laughing stock the rest of the day. HEHE.

So, later. adios mi amor :)

7 remark/s:

The awesome one yang awesomeeee said...

See, told you you should write more. :)

love reading your blog. ;)

teka ini siapa! Hah! :D

atiQa said...

jgn jadi mcm b*gam dah. ahaha.

eh mcm dba? betul ke?

Kamal Lazi said...

awesome one yg maha awesomeness. i think you shoud give me a clue abt yourself. But i can guess alrdy who you are

arina said...

blog-hopping; sorry for the intrusion =)

just that i saw your post title and i was flung back to when i was 11 and stayed up all night with cousins playing DDR and getting high on livita. 'boys boys be my boys i wanna feel your body' xDDD

The awesome one yang agak pasrah said...

Kamal, whoooooo? :D

If you guess wrongly, i'd be so disappointed! :(

You need a clue? Blerghh, so not cool. I thought you could've kenal me without any clue. :(


Kamal Lazi said...

waaah arina!!!, i am planning to bring my dancing mat to kms. and if youre interested you can join anytime u like? beeheehehe

sounds great kannn?

arina said...

unless you don't wanna see somebody stomping on it macam anak gajah then fine by me =) not that i'm any good anyway. blerghh.