Sunday, March 28, 2010

My newest addiction :)

Just now, i finished playing computer game that i used to play during my high school years.


DDR(click on this) stands for DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! It brings all the memories back when i was in form 4. tsk tsk.

Yeah, it was exciting. I still remembered the MLC. The Mat Low Yat crew. Lotfi aka red eye, kamy aka macha, aqwa aka pekpek, anas aka toyol.We were playing like hell. It is addictive and exciting. When you hit the arrows until you get hundreds of combos and your body is grooving to and fro, left to right. We were challenging each other who get the highest marks and combos.

Just now, the songs i chose were Saturn 5, jerk it out, butterfly, kungfu fighting and my fire. I am not as sharp as i were back on those days. The reason probably, this keyboard is too small, pffft.

Ahh, i miss those days :(

So, adios mi amor, see ya :)

p/s: in case anyone is interested just give tell me anytime. I need a new stepmania partner.

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